Vol. 60, Jul 2015

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1632 Fiction

  Grantville, Thuringia September 11 1634   Dear Pen-Pal, My name is Mikayla Margot Barnes I am twelve years old and in seventh grade at Grantville Middle School. Ms. Mastroianni, our teacher, asked how many of us would be pen-pals with a girl at Quedlinburg and I said yes because I want to learn more [...]

Fast As Lightning In The Sky felt the magic flow through his body, the power pulsing perfectly in time with his beating heart. There were those who claimed it was not real, but he knew it was. Ever since he had taken the symbol of the Red God upon himself, he felt he had become [...]

Aksel Nørgaard walked into the shop like always. Just watching the machinery made him feel good. The overhead mainline shaft clattered away as it rotated, belts came down from pulleys to each machine tool, small wisps of smoke curled up from each machine. Everywhere, workers practiced their craft. Aksel, satisfied that the shop floor was [...]

My name is Roger Crowley, formerly of Hutton Manor in England. I shall not say which county, for fear of embarrassment, save to say it lies in the North. From my Lady Mother, Alys Hutton, I inherited a small manor house and estate, in such a state as to make the rents little more than [...]

Augsburg, an Imperial City in the USE December 1634   “Horatio Alger Burston! Why is this piece of junk cluttering up our eingang?!” This gale force greeting assaulted H.A. Burston's ears as he walked through the front door of his home at five minutes before noon, and he smiled. He knew, without looking, that the [...]

Continuing Serials

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web. —Pablo Picasso   PART ONE   Magdeburg, September 1636   Sophia crashed through the door of the studio, gasping for breath and [...]

Tuesday, November 22, 1633   Two days later, Fuchs Company found itself on cartridge rolling detail. Some of the men hated cartridge detail because it was tedious. Wrap a sixth-sheet of rag paper around a wooden dowel, glue the edge, fill it with sixty grains of gunpowder, fold the end over, and glue it down. [...]

1632 Non Fiction

With the proliferation of airships in the 1632 universe, it is inevitable that there will be airship accidents, ranging from mere inconveniences to disastrous loss of the entire airship with loss of life. And while this is a bad thing from the point of view of the characters, it is a good thing for readers [...]


These past few weeks, I’ve accidentally rediscovered one of the joys of my childhood. I had honestly thought it lost. Here’s what happened: Like everyone else who cares about and/or works in science fiction, I have watched the culture wars develop inside the field. I’ll leave it to people like Eric Flint to fight the [...]

This issue's cover features a pair of State of Thuringia-Franconia national guardsmen mustering in a Grantville parking lot. The soldiers were painted by an unknown period artist, the photo of Mannington, West Virginia is courtesy of 1632.org. The (non-canon) state flag was designed by me, incorporating the flags of Thuringia (above) and Franconia (below), with [...]

Time Spike

Mesa Top Camp   T'cumu approached the frightened young mare slowly, an offering of freshly picked berries in his hand. "Come now, Oklilinchi, I know you are hungry. Come to me my friend." He spoke in the soft tones he knew the mostly-wild animal liked to hear, even if they as yet held no meaning [...]

Universe Annex

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