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1632 Fiction

Grantville, October 1635   Bo-ring, Joseph Calagna thought. His convalescence was over and until spring he could sit at home. But Mom and Dad were, like, stifling him. If his brothers were still home, he could have gotten away from all that "my son was injured stuff." He looked around the Thuringen Gardens, which at [...]

October, 1632 Hannover   “Georg! What are you doing in a closet? When I saw the cobbler’s sign out front I was sure I had the wrong place.” Georg knew the cramped shelves lining most of the space made it obvious storage was the small room’s original purpose. “It sounds like the start of a [...]

Piano-making firm of Bledsoe and Riebeck, Grantville, August 1632 "Marcus, you have got to be kidding!" Ingram Bledsoe exclaimed, staring at his long-time friend in disbelief. "No, Ingram, I'm not kidding," Marcus Wendell replied. "I visited three instrument makers in Jena last week and they all gave me the same answer . . . no. [...]

February 1636, Travemünde   George Watson woke to the sound of a crying baby. His first thought was that he was stuck in a nightmare, but while crying babies had long been part of his nightmares, the smell he was getting wasn't the usual burnt flesh. It was a more earthy smell. That was a [...]

Wednesday, July 25, 1635 USE Army encampment near Halle   "More regiments are arriving. Make sure the company area is squared away. Do it right and you probably will not have to do it over," Leutnant Rupert Spitzer repeated as he passed by. Sergeant Andreas Strauss smiled to himself. Spitzer hadn't changed at all since [...]

August 1635   "Uncle, I have just been made the strangest offer of my short life. I think it will still be the strangest offer of my life when my old gray head finds its grave." Diego Nasi looked up from his cup of thick, sweet, Turkish-style coffee. "Oh? Do tell me about it, Isaac." [...]

Continuing Serials

PART VII August 1635 Section 1: “Ich bin aber an meinem ohrt durch meine unpässlichkeit, deren ich nun mehr, Gott lob, gentzlichen endlediget, verhindert...”   Lorraine   The grand duke of the County of Burgundy opened his eyes. They informed him that he was in the same bedroom in Châtel-sur-Moselle where he had been the [...]

Chapter 27: Days at the Races Marksuhl August 1635 "Where are they?" Johann Ernst looked around in the living room, waving a sheet of paper in his hand. "The women, Hoheit?" Cornelia asked, who was just clearing the coffee table. Then she turned to him and pointed over her shoulder. "They've left for the sauna [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Grantville High School Television Studio June 1637   "Are you ready to go, Bob?" the assistant director in the small high school television studio asked Bob Davidson as he nervously shuffled his papers at the lectern. "I'm about as ready as I'll ever be," the tall, dark-haired teen-ager replied, putting down the papers and taking [...]


The folks in science fiction fandom have always fought. At my second science fiction convention in the early 1980s, I showed up in a stylish skirt and blouse, high heels, and a matching purse. I was a reporter who had just covered a press conference with the governor of the State of Wisconsin. The sf [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

  Doug Collins tried to calm his hammering heart while Melissa checked out the string trick, but as the seconds built up without remark, he realized he was pretty much screwed. A first date had only one objective: impress the girl enough to earn a second date. And Doug had chosen to impress her with [...]