Vol. 55, Sep 2014

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1632 Fiction

By Bjorn Hasseler

April, 1633 Kleinjena, Saxony   "I can see Kleinjena!" Helene said. "We are home!" Heinz smiled. He was happy his wife was excited, but they had been gone almost two years. He wasn't sure what kind of reception they'd receive. Everyone in Kleinjena had scattered in May of 1631 when Tilly's soldiers swept through after [...]


By Kevin H. Evans & Karen C. Evans

Copenhagen September 1636   The shop was not busy, only five or six patrons. Fatmir sat at his customary table, and sipped his chocolate. It was such a different thing, this drink from the Americas. It was not coffee, and yet, it was dark and rich. It was heavily spiced, and only slightly sweet. Yet [...]


By Tim Sayeau

Ferdinand III stared at the slim, up-time object on the table before him. “This,” he announced to the courtier who had brought it to his attention, “is ridiculous.” “Yes it is,” agreed the courtier. “But . . .” “Indeed,” mused Ferdinand. “But . . .” “It’s honestly not a dig at you at all,” interjected [...]


By Eric S. Brown

August, 1634   Runs Like Deer was one of the tribe's younger warriors. He had been among the first to encounter the white men from the colony that was being built not far from where his people hunted. The white men were a strange lot indeed. Runs Like Deer had stalked one of them as [...]


By Terry Howard & Jack Carroll

Cambridge Early 1632 "Now the soap, William!" William Button stood dumbfounded for just a moment at his wife's sudden, strident outburst. It was the last thing in the world he had expected at the moment of his second son Andrew's baptism. Then he heard the creak of their kitchen door and saw the sudden light [...]


Continuing Serials

By Rainer Prem

  Chapter 25: Tower Watchman and Gravedigger Grantville May 1635 "Welcome back to Grantville, Sergeant Bourne," Major Carl Gustav Wrangel said. In Kyle Bourne's opinion, there was clear unhappiness in the Swedish officer's eyes. Wrangel would certainly have greatly preferred to have a regiment under his command, and be preparing it for the forthcoming battle [...]


By Virginia DeMarce

Brussels   “Unfortunately,” Fernando said, “the message that was just dropped off for me says that Gaston himself is no longer in our hands. In retrospect, I should have put him in stronger constraints than a very loose and polite house arrest. However, what’s done is done and he has slipped through my noose, along [...]


1632 Nonfiction

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By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

A comment on a blog site that I read daily caught my attention last week. How come, the commenter wrote, every science fiction writer has an out-of-date website? The commenter wasn’t referring to the information of the website, but the format of the website. He cited a number of sf writers and their websites. I [...]


Time Spike

By Garrett W. Vance

Nate peered into the growing darkness as long as he could, trying to catch a glimpse of the herd of horses huddled together on the far side of the field. He and his companions had dined well on barbecued antelope meat, and were enjoying a well-earned rest. Gonzalo sat cross-legged a bit too close to [...]


Universe Annex

By Frances Silversmith

  The sun had barely cleared the horizon, and here I was, lurking in the street a block away from a suspect's apartment building. A tallish man in old-fashioned jeans and a leather duster left the building. I used my tablet to check his face against the suspect's most recent Personal Net profile photo. Yes, [...]