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1632 Fiction

Northwest of Magdeburg April, 1634 The Red Lion Regiment was in the field for a few days instead of snug in their barracks which were only a couple hours away. Four of the dwarves were sitting around the fire. Ever since Drill Sergeant Sloan had demoted them from recruits to dwarves after that snipe hunt, [...]

On a sheet of fine linen stationery, imprinted in pale violet ink "Elizabeth Jane Amberley" above a Palmer script "L" curling over from the top into an intertwined G clef   My erstwhile Dearest,   You despicable Gollum! I am still seething. Because you were so insistent and importunate, I dragged your "precious" little treasure [...]

September 1635, Magdeburg central police station   Dylan Pence guided his fiancée and her son's baby carriage past Fabian Mittendorf and into his office. Fabian shut the door after them and gestured to the other man already in the office. "You remember my colleague from Frankfurt, Herr Christian Marx?" Dylan grasped the man's hand. "Herr [...]

Continuing Serials

Chapter 21: From the Government Mayor's office, Brotterode, West Thuringia County May 1635 "Isch bin von der Regierung, und isch bin hier zu helfen." Bryant Burke didn't even try to hide his outlandish accent. He was completely unable to pronounce the German word "ich" correctly. Born and raised in the twentieth century in America, he'd [...]

Previously . . . In 1628 Matthias Ehrenhardt was orphaned at the age of fourteen, when his family home in the small village of Vehra burned to the ground. To have any sort of future, he was forced to leave his Heimat, the place where he grew up and truly belonged, and go live with [...]

Magdeburg   “Yes. Bloodless surrenders are always better.” The abbess of Quedlinburg smiled. “I’m sure that you, if I understand the up-time teachings of ‘Quakerism’ to which you adhere, will be happy to make that point to Princess Kristina.” “But why was the king in the Low Countries negotiating with this Fabert man? Why not [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Wisdom is power. —Francis Bacon (1561–1626) Introduction When American parents think about a good—or better, the best possible—schooling for their children, they invariably think about private preschools, private schools, and expensive universities. When German parents in the seventeenth century did the same, they either hired famous scholars to teach their children—if they were very rich—or [...]


Have you ever thought, "I'd like to read a Grantville Gazette dealing with ____."?  Who, what, where, why, when, and how can you help make that happen?  Some of these questions are easy to answer. Why We all want to read stories about topics and people that interest us. Where Baen's Bar:  The 1632 universe [...]

A Science Fiction Writer's Lament
I've written a lot of history and alternate history in the past year. They seem to go together for me. I research history, and as I think about the mystery fiction I can write in the "real" past, I also find myself looking for those historical pivot points, those moments when life changes in an [...]

1632 Minicon
We’re going to Marcon! They asked for us! They’re excited! We’re excited! Come be with us the weekend of May 9-11. Check out the details here: http://marcon.org/wordpress/ The convention theme this year is “Technical Difficulties.” What could be more perfect for the 1632 crowd? Schedule below: 1632 Schedule – Room is Taft C except for [...]

Time Spike

The mesa's cliffs were as smooth and shiny as glass and perfectly straight, as if cut by a fine saw. The four men felt awed by the massive structure towering above them, at least a thousand feet high. They paused to marvel for a while, all feeling a tinge of fear that the whole thing [...]

Universe Annex

"Tabitha Lynn," Mama called from the kitchen. "Go and wake your Gammy McHenry. Dinner's 'bout ready." One door down, in the bathroom, I tried on another smile for the mirror—my hand holding my chin in a contemplative pose. But my reflection couldn't hide the crooked teeth or the giant zit that poked up from behind [...]