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1632 Fiction

Family Values
Schwerin, September 1635 "Father, someone is building something on our land beside the Schwerin See," Mathias von Hagen shouted as he barged into the family home.Jasper von Hagen looked up from the mug of ale he was drinking. "Say that again!""There are building crews on our land on the shore of the Schwerin See."Jasper launched himself [...]

NESS: The Railroad Missions
Thursday, April 27, 1634 Astrid Schäubin looked up from her paperwork when she heard footsteps on the front porch of the building. The steps paused. He—it sounded like a man—was probably reading the sign that read "Neustatter's European Security Services" and then the hand-painted decal below it that read "Member of the Grantville Chamber of Commerce." [...]

Nun Danket
GrantvilleSummer, 1637The train from Jena was crowded, but Martin hardly noticed the people around him as they flowed out of the station and into the amazing wonderland from the future. Martin had thought he was used to the rush of changes that had come with the up-timers.  After all, it had been more than six [...]

Continuing Serials

An Uneasy Kind of Peace, Episode One
PART I February 1635 Section 1. “Von Gottes gnaden, Bernhard, etc.”   Besançon, Franche-Comté   Gary Lambert stood on the citadel hill of the town of Besançon in the Franche-Comté. He didn’t wonder what he, a nice Lutheran boy from twentieth-century Indiana, was doing there. He knew. By the grace of God and the Ring [...]

Ein feste Burg, Episode 13
Chapter 20: A New YearJagdschloss of the Duke of Sachsen-Eisenach, Marksuhl, ThuringiaThe morning of New Year's Day 1635"They're coming." Christine, landgravine of Hesse-Kassel, cocked her head and seemed to be listening to something."Who is coming? And what are you listening to?" Johann Ernst, hereditary governor of West Thuringia County, couldn't hear anything. But when his [...]

The Undergraduate, Episode Four
Previously . . . In 1628 Matthias Ehrenhardt was orphaned at the age of fourteen, when his family home in the small village of Vehra burned to the ground. To have any sort of future, he was forced to leave his Heimat, the place where he grew up and truly belonged, and go live with his [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Marine Radio in the 1632 Universe
The novel 1632 confronted our fictional friends with the Maunder Minimum, a unique period in early modern times when solar activity stayed abnormally low for decades. Hams traditionally rely on ionospheric skip in the high frequency bands for long-distance communication at modest power levels with antennas that a private individual can put up, but that [...]


A Science Fiction Writer's Lament
Last night, I watched an episode of the new television show, Intelligence. It’s an upgrade on The Six-Million Dollar Man show from the 1970s—the government invests in a bunch of tech to make human beings into something more than human. Y’know, stuff sf writers have been writing for decades.I like Intelligence, primarily because I like [...]

1632 Minicon
We’re going to Marcon! They asked for us! They’re excited! We’re excited! Come be with us the weekend of May 9-11. Check out the details here: http://marcon.org/wordpress/ The convention theme this year is “Technical Difficulties.” What could be more perfect for the 1632 crowd? Schedule below: 1632 Schedule – Room is Taft C except for [...]

Time Spike

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