Vol. 51, Jan 2014

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1632 Fiction

An Excellent Woman
Magdeburg, July 1635 Dylan Pence breathed hard and sweated profusely as he staggered up the last flight of stairs in pursuit of the faster runners. Once on the seventh-floor landing of the still incomplete Karickhoff's Hotel, Dylan ran across to the other flight of stairs before heading down again. He was just about dying when he [...]

What the Wizard Gave the Scarecrow
GrantvilleEarly 1633 Jack Clements took a couple of slow sips from his water glass, meanwhile getting a kick out of the show Oscar Davidson was putting on. The way Oscar was gesticulating with his fork, it was a wonder he hadn't catapulted his mashed potatoes onto his right-hand neighbor's head. He was completely oblivious to [...]

Continuing Serials

Ein feste Burg, Episode 12
Chapter 17: Hard LaborJagdschloss of the Duke of Saxe-Eisenach, MarksuhlThe morning of Christmas Eve 1634"Scheiße!" Maximiliane von Pasqualini's diction was not exactly as one would expect from a noblewoman. She looked down. A puddle of water was forming between her feet in the entrance hall of the Jagdschloss."Oh shit," she repeated; then shouted: "Louise! My [...]

The Undergraduate, Episode Three
Previously . . .In 1628 Matthias Ehrenhardt was orphaned at the age of 14, when his family home in the small village of Vehra burned to the ground. To have any sort of future, he was forced to leave his Heimat, the place where he grew up and truly belonged, and go live with his [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Infectious Pestilence, Part 2: Fighting the Plague After the Ring of Fire
Few days following the death of rats, Men pass away like falling walls. —Shih Tao-nan (1792) The Unholy Trinity: Bacterium, Flea and Rat In part 1, I discussed how, historically, early modern Europe coped with the plague. The Ring of Fire (RoF) brought physicians, scientists, engineers, books and tools from the year 2000—albeit only what [...]


I have decided that I love crowdfunding. As I write this, I’m wearing a t-shirt from the successful Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, the one the studios refused to back for years despite fan interest. When fan interest funded the film, the studios provided the rest and now we fans get the [...]

Just a Teeny Problem
Alas, there was a software update, which, most unfortunately, didn't work as well as it should have. (more…)

1632 Minicon
We’re going to Marcon! They asked for us! They’re excited! We’re excited! Come be with us the weekend of May 9-11. Check out the details here: http://marcon.org/wordpress/ The convention theme this year is “Technical Difficulties.” What could be more perfect for the 1632 crowd? Schedule below: 1632 Schedule – Room is Taft C except for [...]

Time Spike

Time Spike: The Mysterious Mesa, Part Two
Across the Drained Sea   Ni-T'o gently adjusted Nate's elbow as the former US cavalry scout pulled back the bowstring. Nate was a sure shot with pretty much any gun, but the stone-age weapon was giving him fits. Ni-T'o let out a soft, sighing whistle, which Nate imitated. Once all the air was out of [...]

Universe Annex

Hans leaned forward on his yard-sale-caliber easy chair and stirred his wine spritzer with a plastic drink sword. "You and Debra wouldn't fight so much if you had more karmatrons.""Karmatrons?" Rob glanced at his wife. How had they been so unlucky to share an apartment wall with Hans and his wife, Susan? The worst Rob [...]