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1632 Fiction

A Season of Change
Grantville, July 1633 Stephan Greiner was but a poorly paid and barely acknowledged cog in the machine that was the Schmucker and Schwentzel print shop. He wasn't a printer. He was a sales rep, and his job was to sell printing services and books. He was paid a basic retainer plus a commission on anything he [...]

Franklin's Monsters, Act III: The Power to Fly
Paris, spring, 1633 An Art Studio in Saint-Germain-des Prés   "Walls, walls, and more walls!" An overcast dreary day did little to illuminate a wall-sized canvas with large swaths of fabric still untouched by paint, and even less to brighten Paul's grumpy outlook. "I'm sick of painting bricks. Jacques, switch with me. I want to [...]

The Multi-Colored King
Magdeburg, June 1636 Rebecca Abrabanel greeted Dr. James Nichols at her front door.“James, please come in,” she said, standing aside to let him in.In a room on the floor above them, her children, Sepharad and Baruch, were playing with a new friend: five-year-old Benjamin Block. It sounded as if they were going to crash through the [...]

The Winter of '35
Tuesday, March 6, 1635   The door to the office opened. I looked up from my desk as a tall, weathered man entered. He hung his fedora and duster on pegs behind the door before greeting me. "Guten Morgen, Astrid." "Guten Morgen, Neustatter." He glanced at my desk. I was doing follow-up paperwork. "Any new [...]

Continuing Serials

Ein Feste Burg, Episode 11
Chapter 16: A Business Trip to Saxony Jena Lokschuppen, Jena, Saxe-Weimar CountyNovember 1634 "We don't have enough tin," Wolfgang Hilliger said thoughtfully. "If we really want to build the first section to Weimar with bronze tracks, we need another—and bigger—furnace. And at least one more founder master.""I know," Marshall Ambler answered. "The first shipload of tin we [...]

The Undergraduate, Episode Two
Previously . . .In 1628 Matthias Ehrenhardt was orphaned at the age of 14, when his family home in the small village of Vehra burned to the ground.  To have any sort of future, he was forced to leave his Heimat, the place where he grew up and truly belonged, and go live with his [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Infectious Pestilence: Part 1, Coping with Plague in Early Modern Europe
. . . the searchers of the town,Suspecting that we both were in a houseWhere infectious pestilence did reignSeal'd up the doors . . .—Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet (5.2.8–11)BACKGROUND The Disease Plague is credited with three pandemics, two of which occurred before the down-time Ring of Fire (RoF, 1631): the Justinian Plague (540–750) and the Black Death [...]


Contraflow is Really Close
Hope to see you at Contraflow, October 18–20, 2013, at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel New Orleans Airport.  That's at 2150 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Kenner, Louisiana. (more…)

Editing Changes
I read a lot of  magazines and anthologies, both fiction and nonfiction. One best-of-the-year series (multiple volumes in multiple genres) drives me crazy because the publisher mandates that the stories be put into alphabetical order by author name so that no one gets offended by placement.This stricture, which has existed for more than twenty years, [...]

1632 Minicon
We’re going to Marcon! They asked for us! They’re excited! We’re excited! Come be with us the weekend of May 9-11. Check out the details here: http://marcon.org/wordpress/ The convention theme this year is “Technical Difficulties.” What could be more perfect for the 1632 crowd? Schedule below: 1632 Schedule – Room is Taft C except for [...]

Time Spike

Time Spike: The Mysterious Mesa, Part One
Goose Hunt   Three horses bearing four silent men rode under a sky full of glittering stars. The moon had set, but there was still enough light to see. They followed a well-worn path through cornfields and hamlets, outliers of the city of the pyramids. The warm light of oil lamps flickered here and there, [...]

Universe Annex

Global Village
David Levy stopped at a restaurant for lunch. New York local time was eleven in the morning, but his internal clock thought it was late afternoon. Registration at his sales conference didn't start until two.The waiter blinked at him through thick-framed glasses. "Hello, David. What can I do for you this fine morning?""Do I know [...]