Vol. 49, Sep 2013

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1632 Fiction

All that Glitters . . .
Somewhere in Spain, 1635 "Pedro, how would you like to have money of your own?" Juan asked as he placed two drinks on the table and sat down uninvited. They were in a shabby cantina not far from the university. Pedro preferred to do his drinking in better quality establishments, but it was the end of [...]

Murder at the Higgins
Room 617, Higgins Hotel, 7:20 AM, June 6, 1636   Alfonso Caparelli heard the knock while he was washing his face. He yelled, "Come on in, Gertrude," and reached for a towel. He was still drying his face when a hand covered his mouth and a strong arm pulled his head back. Then he felt [...]

St. George's Ghosts
December 1635, Tetschen, near the border between Saxony and Bohemia   John "Puss" Trelli walked up to the stall where his mount had his head over the door. Thunder locked his eyes on Puss' hands, looking for the usual treat. With a smile Puss pulled an apple from his pocket and broke it before offering [...]

Continuing Serials

Ein Feste Burg, Episode 10
Chapter 13: Family Gathering Altes Schloss, Dornburg/Saale, Saxe-Altenburg County August 1634   The sun was hot, but fortunately the beer was cold. The Old Castle, built on a cliff high above the Saale, had a deep cellar where the temperature stayed low even in summer. So the three dukes could enjoy the cold beverage, standing [...]

The Undergraduate, Episode One
Vehra, Thuringia1629 Matthias Ehrenhardt stared in shock at the smoldering embers, the soot-blackened stone half-wall, and the emptiness. The villagers had stopped the fire from spreading to any of the other houses, but his own, and his parents, and everything they owned but the clothes he stood in and the schoolbook in his hand were gone.Old [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Naval Armament and Armor, Part 5: Thrust and Parry
In the first four parts, we talked about the guns, the mounts, the projectiles, and the ballistics of the projectile in the bore and in flight. We also discussed how to make the shots effective in terms of actually hitting the target. But there's another aspect of effectiveness, penetrating the target's hull and armor.   [...]

The Grantville State Library
Both authors attempting to write stories set in the 1632 universe, and down-timers in that universe have to deal with any number of changes that the presence of Grantville imposed. Some things are cultural; food, clothing, music, the role of women, religious tolerance, republican democracy. They all force the down-timers to deal with new things [...]


For years, I’ve heard the younger generation of female sf writers complain that women are underrepresented in the sf field. Mostly, I’ve ignored those complaints because I found them astonishingly ignorant. Some of the most decorated sf writers of the past twenty years are women—Connie Willis, Nancy Kress, Lois McMaster Bujold, and yes, me. In [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

Grandfather's Attic
Amelie had a secret. Not the little stone she held concealed in her jacket pocket, nor the secret about her grandfather she had kept for years, but a brand new one.She sat in the back seat of their car while they drove to visit Grandfather in the hospital. Dad complained about the traffic while Mum [...]