Vol. 48, Jul 2013

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1632 Fiction

By Terry Howard & Esther Merriken

Late Autumn, 1632 Grantville, Downtown, Twentieth Century ArtThe door chimed. Samuel Franklin looked up from the couch where he was working on a flip-book, as he did every day before his boss, Lyman Seeley, came in. It was a young girl, a local down-timer. She was wearing a shabby up-time coat. The expensive plastic buttons [...]


By Kerryn Offord

June 1635, North Frisian IslandsStanding on the deck of the USE Navy's dive tender Red Lion, George Watson stared at the cluster of prefabricated cabins that had been his home all summer. He couldn't see Grietje, but after the way they'd parted he wasn't surprised that she hadn't turned up to wave them off."You didn't [...]


By Mitchell Townsend

The Rolling Library Written by Mitch Townsend June 1636, near Saalfeld "You know, I think these beasts would make better food than transportation," said Gerhardt Schaeffer. "They are as slow as possible without standing still." The oxen were oblivious or indifferent to the insult. The road had been graded and graveled. It still had some [...]


Continuing Serials

By Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

BORN 12:37 AM JULY 9 1635 A BOY 8 LBS, 6 OZ, 22 IN. HANS DAVID KIPPER AND YOU MISSED IT DARLENE **** "Is eight pounds big?" Johan wondered as he tried to grapple with the idea that he was a father. "Eight pounds of what?" David asked, his head still buried in a report. [...]


By Rainer Prem

Chapter 12: The Lord of the TracksJenaJune 1636"Jakob, what are you doing?"Opa again. Always the same question."I'm writing.""Are you doing your homework?""I finished it two hours ago.""So it's one of these stories again? Why can't you get yourself a real job after school? You're fourteen now. Other children of your age are already apprenticing.""Opa, please! [...]


1632 Nonfiction

By Iver P. Cooper

In the first three parts of this article, I talked about the ships and their guns, and the teachings of ballistics concerning what affects the range and accuracy of projectiles. It's time to look at the projectiles themselves.Cannonball ManufactureCannon projectiles have been made of stone, cast iron, lead, brass, bronze, copper and even glass. As [...]



By Grantville Gazette Staff

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Ring of Fire Press, which will be reissuing, with Baen’s permission, certain materials originally published online in the Grantville Gazette.First, it will be publishing certain stories that were serialized across several issues of the Gazette. That way, you can read them without hunting through the various [...]


By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

As I write this, I’m putting the finishing touches on my June craft workshop. This year, I’m teaching mystery, which I have taught before.My students aren’t run-of-the-mill beginning writers. I teach craft to professionals who want to change genres or learn a new genre or refine their techniques in the genre.Whenever I teach, I make [...]


Time Spike

By Garrett W. Vance

The Eleventh Plague The next morning, Many Mouths arrived well before sunrise, bearing a surprisingly decent breakfast of fruits, nuts and a bland, but rib-sticking corn mush."So, what's happening today?" Nate asked, his voice still thick from sleep. Somewhere in the back of his head he hoped the Raven Priestess would be part of it, but [...]


Universe Annex

By Kary English

The alien skies of Jannah IV stretch above me, infinite as time itself. This is day six hundred forty seven since the Kikayon's departure, but no one will come for me because no one knows I am missing. Well, no one but Cara.It is an hour before dawn, and I am standing on the beach [...]