Vol. 43, Sep 2012

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1632 Fiction

By Karen Bergstralh

Jo Ann Manning sat back on her heels. She knew what she needed to do. She had the tools and the knowledge. This was what she'd been born to be—a farm vet. The older folks might moan and groan over the changes the Ring of Fire had wrought but Jo Ann knew that back up-time [...]


By Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

  "No, no, Johan," Bucky Carpenter croaked. "It's Wabash, not Vabisch." Johan Faber, the Johan most of the Old Folks' Band called "little weedy Johan who lives in the attic," shook his head at the old man. Bucky Carpenter was failing. That was plainly evident. It was Bucky's voice that had been recorded as lead [...]


By Thomas Richardson

The Patel residence Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India January, 1999   "If Miami is out, what about Atlanta? Or Dallas?" Sumitra Patel asked in Gujarati. Bhaskar Patel shook his head. "We don't even need to check our computer. Thar Textiles doesn't pay me enough to send you to either place." Sumitra's mother Ahimsa said, "Dear, are you [...]


By David Dingwall

"Mister D'Arcy, will you stop badgering me? "I have absolutely nothing more to add—I've said more than enough already in court, and have absolutely no idea what the final verdict will be. "I'm tired, and it's been a long day, so the only thing I have to say to your listeners is that publishing and [...]


By Kerryn Offord

  Travemünde, April 1635 George Watson poked his head out of the water and scouted out the lay of the land. Ahead of him was the landing stage. All that lay between it and him was the main deep-water channel of the river. There was a ship sailing up-stream, towards Lübeck. George paused, unsure as [...]


Continuing Serials

By Rainer Prem

  Chapter 4: The Foot, the Bed and the Ceremony Jagdschloss of the Duke of Sachsen-Eisenach Marksuhl, Thuringia March 27, 1634 Maximiliane von Pasqualini awoke, and everything was different. She had never in her conscious life woken up huddled to another body. And with a big hand warming her buttocks through her nightdress. She dared [...]


By Garrett W. Vance

Chapter Sixty: Evolving Pam Miller was in trouble, the greatest trouble of her life, old or new. Since her sleepy, West Virginia small town's startling move through space-time to seventeenth-century Germany, she had seen and done things the average middle-aged American housewife couldn't imagine. She had killed men, and was responsible for the deaths of [...]


1632 Nonfiction

By Iver P. Cooper

  In Part Two, I set forth the criteria for an airship engine, briefly discussed some of the options, and explained the advantages and disadvantages of the internal combustion engine. Now we'll examine the principal alternative, steam propulsion. Small steam engines are built in the 1632 universe as early as January 1632. (Bergstralh, "Tool or [...]



By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I found out about the shooting in the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises about twelve hours after it happened. I overheard someone mention it on the local radio station, so I logged onto a news website, saw the story, and burst into tears. Mass shootings are tragic, period, and some have touched my [...]


Time Spike

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Universe Annex

By Ronald Ferguson

"What'd ya hear, Doc?" "Just you, asshole. Give me a break." I didn't mind that the hulking Jenkins called me Doc instead of Doctor Meyers—well, not much—but that was the third time in the last ten minutes that he had interrupted to ask what I heard. Irritation thinned my lips, however I refused to look [...]