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1632 Fiction

All for One
"Let me tell you, my friend; women are nothing but trouble! They will do nothing but bat their eyelashes and get you into trouble! And when you think they are gone, then they come back to haunt you." Charles D'Artagnan took a sip of his wine and rolled his eyes as he looked over toward [...]

Fresno Construction
Early 1633 "I don't know about you, but it bugs me that lots of people are getting rich and I'm not one of them," Elias Renke said, over the sound of the television at the beer hall in Deborah. "That's fine, but what are you going to build?" Markus Kissinger asked. He liked Elias well [...]

German Puddles
Henri really did not want to answer, but Louis continued to push the point."Look, it's time. We need to decide what to steal and head home," Louis said."Louis," Jacob said, "you've been wanting to steal something else ever since we lifted the underwater breathing gear. You just want to steal something because, for you, it [...]

It's Just a Dog
Weimar, June 1633When Adolf Graube entered his mother and father's house, he always stopped in the doorway and breathed deeply. It was a scent that brought back the feelings of his childhood. His mother was in the kitchen. She turned when he entered, and hugged him. He was taller, so she had to reach up [...]

Wings of Chance
December 1634, MagdeburgJohann Fabricius didn't go looking for fights, they found him—with considerable ease. Fortunately for Johann, the fights he didn't go looking for always seemed to occur when he was in the company of Al Dinckeler, who also didn't go looking for fights. They didn't go looking for fights because both of them were [...]

Continuing Serials

Ein feste Burg, Episode Two
Chapter 2: DecisionsJagdschloss of the Duke of Sachsen-Eisenach, Marksuhl, ThuringiaMarch 1634 Maximiliane von Pasqualini lay in her king-size bed staring at the dark ceiling.The duchess was right. Max had left home with what at that time seemed like a life's plan. But it had not been able to stand the test of time.Staying a man [...]

Letters Home, 5
Leahy Medical Center, Nurse Training Program, April 1635My dearest aunt,My only excuse for not writing recently is that I have been unable to properly put upon paper what I have seen and done quite recently. In the past I have had more to write about than time to write and paper to write upon. Now, [...]

Second Chance Bird, Episode Ten
Chapter Fifty-Seven: On The HuntInterior of Northern Mauritius Gerbald silently beckoned his posse to pause at the edge of the wide valley stretching before them. It was well past midnight, following the trail through the gravelly pass with only the flashlight's slowly fading beam to see by had been a frustrating process. Gerbald stalked along [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Airship Propulsion, Part One: Thrust and Drag
If it were not for the wind, we could use engines of quite low power. The first airship, with engines of a mere 3 hp, was able to make 5 mph in still air. While that isn't impressive to the up-timers, bear in mind that if you can fly all day and night at that [...]

Language Societies of the Seventeenth Century
The books and stories of the 1632-verse mostly deal with up-timers and German commoners. The German nobles are sometimes only a prop for the real action (like Gretchen's and Hans' thoughts before the Battle of the Crapper in 1632) or serve as The Final Enemy like Johann Georg of Saxony.But they also were human beings [...]


  Gilford Gadberry had a contempt for dawns badly done. He knew how blatant and stylized the outdoor world can be in its pristine moments: the contrived shagginess of grass, the stupidity of trees, the falsity of flowers, the oafishness of the birds and their inept melody. These scratched the smooth surface of his soul. [...]

So Fan-Girl
I'm becoming more and more convinced that geeking out is a personal thing. Certain things make me go all fan-girl. And often they are things that other people simply can't understand. Or at least things people around you can't understand. The 2012 television season turned into a private geek-out session for me, so bad that [...]

Time Spike

Time Spike: The Swarm
The tiny, grasshopper-like insects munched on the last of the plant leaves, oblivious to anything but eating. Their mating season would be arriving soon and they consumed as much as they could so that they would be fertile.Suddenly the odor of pheromones filled the air around them. The scouts had returned and were broadcasting a [...]

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