Vol. 40, Mar 2012

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1632 Fiction

By Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

"Who is that?" Sergeant McIntyre asked. The young woman came storming through, trailed by a servant who was apologizing for all he was worth. "That, my lad, is Miss 'Lead Acid' Krügerin," Johan Kipper told him. "The battery queen." "Who is she?" "Just another of the rich nobodies who have appeared since the Ring of [...]


By Thomas Richardson

Bedroom of master tailor Wilhelm Bruckner Köthen, capital of Anhalt-Köthen, Brandenburg Monday, May 5, 1636 Her husband's grip on Tilda's hand was as weak as a baby's. "Tilda," Willi said, even as he grimaced in pain, "Ich . . . liebe . . . " Willi never finished the sentence. For over a minute, neither husband nor wife moved. [...]


By Bjorn Hasseler

  Tuesday, November 14, 1634   "Kat, remember that the Bibelgesellschaft meeting after school needs to end on time," Georg Meisner reminded his sister after they got off the bus at Calvert High. It was mostly students who called Calvert Calvert. Most people called it Grantville High, as it was the only high school in [...]


By Kerryn Offord

July 4, 1634, on the Saale River near SaalfeldThe Spengler paper mill was lit up like a Christmas tree, making it very easy for Catrin Schmoller to find her way as the evening twilight turned to night. Her knock on the door was greeted by the last person she wanted to see her arrive at [...]


By Robert E. Waters

March, 1626, Darmstadt, GermanyNina Weiss watched the soldiers assemble in the Schlossplatz from a safe place behind her father's crates and barrels. Not soldiers really, but boys, many of whom were not much older than she. Children playing at war, with their pikes and muskets and arrogant ways. She huffed and shook her head. Somewhere [...]


Continuing Serials

By Rainer Prem

Episode 1: PlansJagdschloss of the duke of Sachsen-Eisenach, Marksuhl, ThuringiaMarch 1634"Maximilian von Pasqualini," the servant announced loudly. Max, a young architect, straightened and entered the salon. An elderly man rose from a heavy chair behind an enormous work desk. Max knew this had to be Johann Ernst, Hereditary Governor of West Thuringia, but his clothes [...]


By Garrett W. Vance

Chapter Fifty-One: Catching UpDeck of the Second Chance Bird, Swedish Colony, MauritiusTorbjörn leaned against a red lacquered rail next to his old friend and shipmate, the bosun. They were catching up after their long separation, during which Torbjörn had been a prisoner of the French pirates. The bosun had just finished telling him the story [...]


1632 Nonfiction

By Iver P. Cooper

In Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau declared, "it appears that the sweltering inhabitants of Charleston and New Orleans, of Madras and Bombay and Calcutta, drink at my well." What he meant by this was that the ice cut from Walden Pond would travel, in Boston ships, to those far off places, and be used to [...]



By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

  E-readers were the biggest selling Christmas gift in the United Kingdom in 2011, just like they were in the United States in 2010, and now our British cousins are worried. Not that digital will overtake print—that's so American, so focused on the shop trade. No, our British cousins are worried that people will stop [...]


Time Spike

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Universe Annex

By Ronald Ferguson

Guido Gaglio knocks on the door a second time, more firmly than the first. A scraggly dweeb opens the door. He looks like a guy who would hock his education and then fall behind on the payments. The dweeb cranes his neck to look up at Guido."Dr. Maurice Jennings?" Guido adjusts his tie. His blue [...]