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1632 Fiction

Blood in Erfurt
Astrid Schäubin was standing guard duty outside the University of Erfurt, out front with Neustatter. Freedom of religion is a good thing, she mused. But guaranteeing it is a little more exciting than civics class suggested it ought to be. "More students," Neustatter identified the two young men approaching. "An honor to meet you, Fraülein. [...]

A home near Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaSpring 1987Louis Garrison set the cardboard box he carried down just inside the front door. "I'm home!" From around the corner, his two kids came running: Christy, ten, and Mike, six. He gathered them up in a hug.It only took Christy a second to notice the box. "What's that, Dad?""I brought [...]

Dreams Can Come True . . .
Grantville, Thanksgiving, 1634Estil Congden flicked an imaginary piece of lint off the sleeve of his white dinner jacket and looked around the room. Business was good tonight. The place was full, but still spacious. The customers were well-dressed and the women's jewelry glittered in the soft lighting. Ah. There. One of the wait staff's shoes [...]

Dr. Phil for President
January 1634, Grantville Phillip "Lips" Kastenmayer stood despondently in front of the window, gazing at the unobtainable fashions on display. The mannequin that most drew his attention was dressed in T-shirt, leather jacket, blue jeans, and black leather boots—just like the hero in the movie he'd just seen. There was no price displayed, but then [...]

The Society of Saint Philip of the Screwdriver
Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever" -- therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till [...]

Continuing Serials

Equal Rights, Part Two
The Thüringen Gardens Yakov Chekhov was mopping up a spilled drink when the crowd suddenly went quiet, and heads started turning toward the television behind the bar. He began to make out the announcer's words, and then saw the pictures. Satan's balls! That's her! If they catch one of those English pricks, they'll get the [...]

Second Chance Bird, Episode Six
Chapter Thirty-One: One Man's Junk is Another's Treasure Captured Oriental Junk, South Coast of MauritiusPam and Dore climbed the wide, stair-like ladder out of the cool shadows of the lower decks to stand blinking beneath the Tropic of Capricorn's blazing sun. Squinting against the glare, Pam saw Dore looking wistfully back down toward the wonderful [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Climate: The Little Ice Age After the Ring of Fire
In winter 1634, James Byron "Jabe" McDougal "recalled that "the winter of 1631 - 32 had been quite a shock to himself and his fellow up-timers. Not only were they considerably farther north than they had been when Grantville was in West Virginia, but they were smack in the middle of what up-time historians had [...]

Playing Nice in Someone Else’s Sandbox: An Examination of the 1632 Universe and the Grantville Gazette
What is the 1632 Series? A Short History of the (Alternate) Universe The year is 1631 AD. The place is an insignificant patch of land in the middle of the Germanies ( Germany as a united country did not yet exist). The historical backdrop is the Thirty Years' War, a bloody and terrible struggle between [...]


Geek Summer
The July 22nd Entertainment Weekly had a one-page article titled “2012: The Geekiest Year Yet?” The question caught my attention as I thumbed through the magazine, only I missed the “2012” part. I thought they meant 2011, and I nodded in agreement as I moved on.Only later did I realize that I had misread the [...]

We'll See You In Atlanta
Dragon*ConLabor Day weekendAtlanta, GASee you there!2011 Minicon Program DetailsWe believe the [W] stands for the Westin Hotel. All sessions are in [W] International A.Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. Just show up.Friday: 4:00 pm ALT 1632: Chocoholics in 1632 - Withdrawal or Not?5:30 pm ALT 1632: Money, Money, Money: The Invisible HandSaturday:10:00 am 2.5 [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

Strategic Deployment
 The fragile jewel of the New Poland colony burned with the pinpoint flames of battle. Sleek, stealthy, teardrop-shaped Hornets dipped in and out of the atmosphere, streaking low to deliver their kinetic and energetic payloads and then soaring away to search eagerly for new targets. The hapless colonists, farmers, and factory workers who had dared [...]