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1632 Fiction

As Ye Have Done It Unto One of the Least
Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.Amideutsch Lunch CounterGrantville, Early December 1632Johannes Vorkeuffer squirmed uncomfortably from the examining gaze of Louis Garrison, the restaurant owner. [...]

Credit Where It's Due
October 1633 "Marie is a member of the radio guild!" Johan Kreger said with surprising heat. Well, shocking heat really, at least to Marie. The fact that he had said it at all left her a bit stunned. They were in a village to install a new radio with a selenium photo-resistor amplifier and a [...]

Jacob's Ladder
Martin Meurer was hanging by his fingers from the eaves, with his feet braced over the shuttered window below, when the shutters crashed open. Martin had a good view—too good a view—of the bald spot on the head of the man who leaned out of the window. Martin silently wished . . . Don't look up. Look [...]

Modern Medicine
1632, near Puerto Real, Andalusia Juan Antonio de Aguilera was sitting trying to read while he waited to hear sounds from above. He glanced across the room at his father, who looked a lot more relaxed than he felt. He put down the book he wasn't managing to read and glanced up toward the bedroom [...]

Pipe Line
Kymi Mills, Winter 1636Ari was complaining again. Or perhaps the correct phrase should be "still complaining." It was claimed Ari complained all day, every day. There was some truth to the accusation. "Man, I really hate it when we're downwind of the glue works. That stuff stinks to high heaven. I wish we didn't use [...]

Continuing Serials

Equal Rights, Part One
June 3, 1631 The phone stopped ringing before Olivia Villareal could snap the spring into place and reach for a rag to wipe her hands. Then it started again. Four quick strides and she was out of the kitchen and across the front room. "Hello?" "Mom, you gotta get down here! The Wildman is raising [...]

Second Chance Bird, Episode Five
Chapter Twenty-Four: AftermathCaptured Oriental Junk, South Coast of Mauritius Pam watched while the sailors cleaned the blood from the decks of their prize. The flickering light of the torches made their shadows leap and dance, lending the scene an eerie, otherworldly quality. An hour had passed since their success in capturing the junk, its original, [...]

1632 Non Fiction

 This is a report of the process I followed as I tried to put together design specifications for a Spanish airship for the Cadiz-Havana trade. It is provided "for your information," in case anybody might be interested in the process. Other than the hard science, nothing in this article should be considered canon. I decided on [...]

Highways of the Sky
In late twentieth-century America and Europe, freight and passengers are transported by autos and trucks, trains, ships and aircraft. However, there was once a dream that lighter-than-air airships, capable of powered flight, could play an important role in the transport network. Both Kevin Evans and Kerryn Offord have explored the possibility that airships could be [...]


The Future of The Field
Maybe it's my age. Maybe that's why I've recently taken refuge in the history of science fiction. Or maybe it's just the realization that I'm now one of the old-timers. I can actually remember meeting or knowing many of the legends of the field, now gone. And I have been in this field for a [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

The Comfort of Your Wake
The joyous din of feeding time—bursts of conversation, crunching bredfish, the wandering ghosts of lost echolocation clicks—faded when a sobering message of silence spread through the gathered pod: They're here. Fear sapped the strength from Squeak's tail and flippers and the frightened taste of her urine filled the water. Squeak couldn't see them, of course—eyes [...]