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1632 Fiction

Arrested Development
February–May 1635The organ at St. Mary Magdalene's in Grantville moved into the opening strains of "Glory Be to Jesus." Dennis Kovar poked an elbow into his cousin Dominic Grady's ribs. "I love this hymn. It's just so gruesomely gory," he whispered."Yeah," Dom whispered back. "If we absolutely have to serve at vespers during Lent, all [...]

Boom Toys
"Come on, Nick. What's bothering you? You've been like a—what's the American expression?—like a bear with a sore tooth. All day, I might add, even at work. You can tell us; we're your house mates. And best friends. If you can't trust us with your secrets, who can you trust?"Nicki Jo Pricket sighed. Tobias Ridley [...]

Dueling Philosophers
September 11, 1635 Renato Onofrio slowly got up from the barber's chair like someone who had a bad back, which in fact he did. "Walt, something I've always wondered about. How's come you're letting that drunken scallywag Jimmy Dick steal your title as Grantville's greatest philosopher?" "Well it's nice of you to ask," Walter Jenkins [...]

Fire and Ice
GrantvilleReardon Miller liked to joke that he had six jobs: his real job, and the five that certain clients of the Grantville Research Center thought he was doing. As the token male at the GRC, he was the researcher nominally assigned to those clients who were obviously very uncomfortable with the idea of working with [...]

Saint George Does It Again!
  June 1635, Grantville Svetlana Andreyevna was caught up in a most delightful dream. Yesterday she'd married the man she loved and they'd spent the night making love. She snuggled up to her lover. Suddenly she was totally awake. Yes there was a naked body in bed with her, but it wasn't, couldn't be, Jabe [...]

Solemn Duty
Lieutenant Claus Brockman scraped his boots against the edge of the wooden walkway, trying to remove the mud that had accumulated there. It was early May and that meant spring had finally come to Falun, Sweden, and spring meant that the streets were a sticky mess.He looked down at his uniform trousers with despair; mud [...]

The Beckies
"Sir, Lieutenant Bartley reporting as ordered." Lieutenant David Bartley reported to the quartermaster of the Third Division in Magdeburg with an apprehension that, had he known it, was completely matched by the apprehension the quartermaster was feeling. Colonel Paul McAdam was a Scottish mercenary in Gustav Adolph's service. Or he had been before he was [...]

Continuing Serials

Northwest Passage, Part Nine
Bay of Biscay, March 1634 Two days into the voyage and habits were already forming. Meals were done in shifts, with the men usually eating last. Aboard the Grande Dame, Pierre Marion stood in line with a pail and bag to collect the evening meal for the group he ate with. He watched the cook [...]

Second Chance Bird, Episode Four
Chapter Eighteen: BirdwatchingSouthCoast of Mauritius The days passed by slowly on their stranded shore, becoming weeks, and now nearly two months. Pam Miller, her companions Dore and Gerbald and the survivors of Redbird's crew busied themselves with various projects to increase their comfort and safety. The sailors used the tools recovered from the shipwreck to [...]

1632 Non Fiction

The Progression of Trauma Care and Surgery after the Ring of Fire, Part 2
As in Part 1, I'll include a number of references in this article. Most will be to either canon or Wiki articles giving more detail on some topics than I can include here. I also wish to thank Panteleimon Roberts, Danita and Nimitz Lover for their off Bar input.For some things, there are no good [...]

Untying the Wind
In Macbeth (1606), the Second Witch tells the First, "I'll give thee a wind." (I, iii), and later Macbeth acknowledges their power to "untie the winds." Gustavus Adolphus "was said to have been aided by wind magic practiced by the Lapps and Finns in his armies." (Deblieu 34) Izaak Walton, in The Compleat Angler (1653), [...]


At the start of every year, I buy six calendars. I use them for various purposes, mostly to keep track of my reading or my exercise or my writing. I use the calendars on my phone, which I synch with my computer, to keep track of my appointments and deadlines. But I still buy a [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

The Medic
If Rourke hadn't dived into the shell hole outside the First Bank of Taiwan the instant he saw the two dead marines sprawled behind that burned-out Bradley, the sniper's bullet would probably have taken his head off instead of whacking into his thigh. He rolled into a ball and gripped his leg. A razor tooth. [...]