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1632 Fiction

Going Home
Suhl For once it was quiet in the garage. G.C. Cooper and his mechanics were eating lunch in the living quarters upstairs, and the drivers, with an audience of admiring young boys, were washing the trucks out in the square. Anse Hatfield took advantage of the moment by relaxing. It seemed like the perfect time [...]

Orlando Delivers
On the road to Augsburg, late May 1636   "Stare allerta!" the caravan lookout cried, as bandits boiled out of ravines on either side of the trail. "We are attacked! Robbers! Bandits!" Orlando Rosales glanced first one way then the other. Neither direction offered escape; ahead of him lay just over half the caravan, behind [...]

Portrait of Bees in Spring
"Now this won't hurt a bit." Betsy Springer rolled her eyes, remembering the first time she had heard that phrase. Her family doctor had been about to give her a booster shot. Despite what the nurse said, that one had hurt. "Like I really believe that, Nurse Rached! Do you also have a bridge in [...]

The Dragon Slayer
  February 1635, Wietze John Felix "Puss" Trelli didn't know why it always seemed to happen to him, but here he was, on one of the coldest days of the year, walking patrol around the makeshift enlisted housing at Wietze. One advantage of the cold was that most of the garrison was staying indoors. A [...]

Warm Spit
Grantville, September 1634 “I say that we bring back nominating conventions.” Henry Dreeson folded his hands over the little paunch that sat so oddly on his otherwise scrawny frame. “Real ones, that amount to a hill of beans. Conventions that nominate the candidates. Smoke-filled rooms. Horse trading. What's the point of sticking ourselves with the [...]

Continuing Serials

Northwest Passage, Part Eight
Late May, 1634, off the coast of NewfoundlandCaptain Luke Foxe sat at the desk in his cabin, staring at the maps and data graphs spread out in apparent, random confusion on the desk and pinned on the walls. A closer examination revealed a method to the madness. The maps contained handwritten notes and symbols on [...]

Second Chance Bird, Episode Three
Chapter Eight: Sacrifice Near the Southern Coast of Mauritius The captain's face was grim as he watched little Muskijl place itself between Redbird and the attacking French man-of-war, a David dwarfed by a terrifying Goliath. It was doubtful God could provide as lucky an outcome. Muskijl was far beyond her class in this match. Behind [...]

1632 Nonfiction

Locomotion: The Next Generation
In "Harnessing the Iron Horse" (Grantville Gazette 7), I speculated about the evolution of the steam locomotive. My focus was principally on what might appear within the first decade after the Ring of Fire. In this article, I will look further along the time line, at what might one day replace the steam locomotive. While [...]

The Progression of Trauma Care and Surgery after the Ring of Fire, Part 1
From Wiki: From Greek τρώυμα = "a wound," compare verb τιτρώσκω (stem τρω-) = "I injure"A number of stories in canon depict serious injuries and deaths resulting from trauma, but I don't recall any specific articles, and few stories, covering the care of injuries either under austere conditions generally or in the New Time Line [...]


And it's . . . Dragon*Con!
This year. Labor Day weekend. Atlanta, Georgia. Dragon*Con.Yep. The 1632 con within a con will be there. Will you?Panelists are expected to include Eric Flint, Virginia DeMarce, Paula Goodlett, Chuck Gannon, Rick Boatright, Gorg Huff, Walt Boyes, David Carrico, Iver Cooper, and Kevin and Karen Evans. Panel titles, participants, and times will be available at [...]

That Old-Time Religion
In January, I was a guest of honor at Chattacon, a small science fiction convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This was the 36th Chattacon, which has a long, proud history as an sf convention. It also has quite a bit of community acceptance which, for someone coming from the Pacific Northwest, was a bit startling. The [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

How to Catch a Falling Star
Gerund knew the princess was dying. The heavy tread of the approaching dragon emphasized her fate, but there was nothing he could do."Quick," she said, "someone turn on the television!""Are you still playing that silly game with these children?" The ward matron bustled into Kristy's room. "Well, visiting hours are over and you, my lady, [...]