Vol. 32, Nov 2010

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1632 Fiction

All Steamed Up
Adolph Schmidt sat in an inn in Badenburg the evening of his father's wedding to Ramona Higgins, caught between wishing the Ring of Fire hadn't happened and thankful it had. Up-timers, he thought as he sipped his beer, are rude, self-centered jerks . . . who are the making of my family. Adolph was bit ambivalent about [...]

A Marriage of Inconvenience
Zaandam, near Amsterdam, January 1634Cornelius Hardebol looked down. Some thirty feet below he could see members of the mill workforce already starting to collect around the crumpled form of Anthonius de Plancken. The master papermaker had fallen to his death, and Cornelius hadn't even had to push him. That wasn't to say he'd never thought [...]

"He kommen . . . he comes . . . no, he goes . . . " Katharina Meisnerin tried not to fidget while Friedrich struggled with the translation. Dr. Green took pity on him, sort of. "Friedrich, parse that word, please." "Aorist tense . . . passive voice . . . indicative . . . " "Are you sure about that?" "Uh, no." Katharina watched Dr. [...]

Requiem in Blue
David Weller hated the silence induced by the pills. Here he was in seventh grade, a child who loved music, and they had given him pills that created silence. It was a silence that David's imagination compared to what he imagined atheists felt death was like. Silence was not golden, it was hell.He dropped the [...]

The Baptist Basement Bar and Grill
Jimmy Dick moved down the bar to where Tom Ruffner was putting away the brews way too fast for a man who was going to walk home without taking a nap first. "Hey, Tommy? What's up? You don't hardly come in here anymore. You ain't had a fight with the wife have you?""Jenny is going [...]

Continuing Serials

Second Chance Bird, Episode One
Chapter One: Dodo StoryCair Paravel, Grantville, Early Spring 1635 They were on holiday enjoying the warmest day of the year yet on the broad back porch of the rambling old house named after a castle in Narnia. Princess Kristina's Swedish guards were invited to have a glass or two of lemonade for which they thanked [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Point Source
When dealing with the 1632 universe we are dealing with a point source in advancing technology. It is not, when it comes right down to it, analogous to much of anything in our history. When the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk they arguably beat all the other guys to the punch. (I say arguably [...]

Treasures of the Earth: Geophysical and Geochemical Prospecting
Conventional prospecting depended on learning to "read the earth": spotting pegmatites in granite; recognizing sulfide stains in outcrops, or a limonite mass (gossan, "iron hat") covering an ore body; examining talus slopes for desirable minerals and then working uphill to find their source; understanding where gold and other heavy metal particles might accumulate in a [...]


The Importance of Stories
Back when I edited The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, I would occasionally explore the topic of storytelling in my editorials. More precisely, I would explore why storytelling is important and what makes it a necessary part of the human condition.I think about that topic often because at times I feel like I work [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

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