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1632 Fiction

NCIS: No Greater Love
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 Chapter One The Alley 20 Breinhart Strasse Magdeburg City, USE August, 1635, 0930 Hours Local Time Stop me if you've heard this. A navy cop, a military police lieutenant, and Magdeburg's finest meet at the entrance [...]

Speaking of Uncle Abner
Grantville, October 1634"That is the most perverse use of the law that I have ever heard of," Samuel Krapp exclaimed.Thomas Price Riddle closed the law textbook he had been balancing on his lap and looked at his "student body." If a man could call it that. A dozen young men and women. At first, the [...]

  Wednesday, 28 November, 1635 Grantville High School Gymnasium, 1500 hours. Caspar Weybrecht's forehand smash had the shuttlecock shooting through the air straight at Anna Krause. It was only by virtue of her lightning reflexes that she was able to get her racket up in time, and it was blind luck that the racket was [...]

Yes, Dear
"Wives . . . more trouble than the Methodist church." The Devil, in Damned Yankees. Lili Trainer entered the office and without a word to the receptionist, the clerk or Dwight Rogers' secretary, walked straight into the site manager's private office. When your husband is the manager's boss and your late father owned part of the company—which [...]

Continuing Serials

Northwest Passage, Part Four
London, September 1633 "Another political delay!" Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore, maintained an outward calm but seethed inwardly. Years of political maneuvers to secure a charter for a new colony had taught him the benefit of maintaining an appearance of calm in the face of frustrating setbacks and delays. Lately, he'd had to call on that [...]

No Ship for Tranquebar, Part Three
Copenhagen September 1636 Marlon burst through the door of his townhouse. "Reva! You won't believe it!" Reva seemed to be waiting in the salon, tapping her foot. "I've already heard. You're off on a wild goose chase halfway around the world." Marlon was caught by surprise. He hadn't thought about how Reva would take the [...]

1632 Non Fiction

One of the greatest limitations on population growth in the 1630s (both OTL and NTL), and in the Third World today, is the number of children who die before their tenth birthday. The emotional and physical toll on the parents (especially the mothers) was literally incalculable, and was part of the reason used to "justify" [...]

Industrial Alchemy, Part 5: Polymers
In The Graduate (1967), Mr. McGuire told Benjamin, "There's a great future in plastics." Those "plastics" were a metaphor for the phoniness of (adult) society, but as a chemist, I have to admit, McGuire was right. And there's an even greater future for plastics (and other polymers) in the 1632verse.I have divided this article into [...]


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