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1632 Fiction

A Great Drowning of Men
28 August 1626 (old style) The hooves of the cavalry horses thundered as the lifeguards of Friedrich, third of the name, duke of the Danish province Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, rode for their lives with the duke safely in their midst. Behind them was the carnage of the battle of Lutter. There, twenty thousand Imperial troops under the [...]

MagdeburgEarly December 1634Johann Bach stepped into the room. He saw Lady Beth Haygood glance toward the door, notice him, and immediately begin moving in his direction even as she continued her conversation with a woman Johann did not know."Master Bach, so good of you to come." Frau Haygood held out her hand.Johann knew enough not [...]

On His Majesty's Secret Service
There were three gliders in the sky. Each was being towed by a Ziermann Flugzeugwerke Mayfly four-engine heavy transport aircraft. The lead glider was crammed full of soldiers sitting with their backs to the fuselage. At the front, right beside the door to the cockpit sat Commander Erik Zeetrell. His long curly blond hair framed [...]

Or the Horse May Learn to Sing
Christmas Vacation, 1634 The Reverend Al Green opened the back door into the rectory kitchen, stomped the snow off his boots, shook it off his hat, kissed his wife Claudette, looked around, spotted their adopted children Clemens and Emilia helping the maid accomplish various food-associated chores, and asked, "Where's Anthony? Isn't he going to be [...]

The Common Market
Grantville January 1635 Genucci's Funeral homeVernon looked over the full house at his wife's funeral. The place was packed. Juliet, his daughter-in-law, sat between him and Zane holding Vernon's left hand in her lap like Melvina so often had. He'd put his hand there out of habit. Juliet was holding onto it tight, like it [...]

Time to Spare, Go by Air
A pasture somewhere east of EisenachBrennermann was barely managing to hold onto the pile of mailbags between his arms. It was impossible to see what was under his feet.“Here, let me help you with that.”Too late. His toe caught on the edge of a wheel rut. The whole load tumbled into the wagon with more [...]

Continuing Serials

Northwest Passage, Part Three
"Land ho!" Svend's navigation lesson with Captain Foxe came to an abrupt end. Landfall had been expected and the captain was needed on deck. Luke grabbed his boatcape and left to answer the hail. The wind was still fresh off the starboard aft quarter and the intermittent spray from the North Sea waves kept the [...]

No Ship for Tranquebar, Part Two
Copenhagen Late December 1635 Marlon Pridmore had some apprehension about this first day of work. He had yet to meet the crew, and he didn't relish the thought of walking into the middle of a project. Nevertheless, he walked into the shops with Cornelius Holgarsson, the head of the group of investors sponsoring the project. [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Borax Bonanzas
"She burns green! Rosie, by God, we're rich." Those were the words by which Aaron Winters supposedly announced his discovery of borax in Death Valley. At the time, the United States was importing about 400,000 pounds a year, and the borax retailed at a price of fifty cents a pound. Borax was nicknamed the "White [...]

Steaks or Cheese?
The archaeological evidence indicates that cattle were the third species domesticated by man, the first two being goats and sheep. For around seven thousand years man has used cattle as a source of draft power and food. Across those millennium cattle have been changed by man and the environments he took them into.By the seventeenth [...]

The New Magdeburg—After the Ring of Fire
The author wishes to express his appreciation to Virginia DeMarce, Gorg Huff and Kerryn Offord, whose contributions to this article were substantial.Map by Gorg Huff.General information about Magdeburg:The general plan of Magdeburg is that the long axis is more or less north/south and the short axis is east/west.The Elbe River runs along the east side [...]


Name That Tune—Oops, Character
At the 1632 mini-conferences I have, several times, presented talks under the title “Time Passed in the Past.” Each talk is different (to avoid boring frequent attenders), but the theme remains the same each year. The past is not some vague, amoebic, blob that occurred before an individual's own memories kick in. Napoleon does not [...]

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