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1632 Fiction

MagdeburgAugust 1634 Johann Bach left his rooming house in the sprawling exurb to the west of the Magdeburg city walls. He nodded to old Pieter the porter as he hurried down the wooden steps and stepped onto the graveled road that ran through the built-up area that by now was several times larger than the [...]

A Friend in Need
Autumn 1635Haro Blaser started up the ladder and reached overhead to slide the hatch back. From long habit his gaze swept the deck and then the horizon the instant he could see over the cabin skylight. There was already a faint glow in the sky to starboard, just forward of the beam. This time of [...]

'Tis Brillo, 'tis Brillo
Handmade sterling silver pendant by Laurie Toby Edison, this Brillo (luckily not an overly-recalcitrant live ram) is 1.5" by 2.5" and is available on a 15, 18 or 22 inch sterling silver chain or on a black suede cord.If you'd like to own him, click here: (more…)

McAdams' Blue Cheese Mine
Grantville, late summer 1635 James Lamont, formerly of MacKay's company, looked at the curb and sidewalk outside the grocery store with a grimace and swallowed. Step up, or walk thirty feet to the driveway, then thirty more back to the door?"Okay, James," he muttered to himself, "Set y'cane. Now brace y'self, lift y' good leg [...]

Small Problem with Cafe Press Store
The Cafe Press store problems have been fixed and I've started ordering. Just a bit more patience and we'll have it caught up.Apologies for the delays, folks. (more…)

The Anaconda Project, Further News
As Eric points out, no one expects the Inquisition. And no one expects open heart surgery, either.Unfortunately for the fans, Eric's surgery has thrown his writing schedule completely out of whack. He's currently working on the novel Much Fall of Blood, due out in May 2010. That one will be followed by Threshold and is [...]

The Money Franchise
Klausdorf, Pomerania, February 1635Katharina Hagemeister stood at the edge of the open grave and stared down at the cheap coffin containing her mother. At last Mama had escaped her husband, Katharina's father. The pastor had called her death an accident, but Katharina knew better. Her father had destroyed Mama's will to live through years of [...]

The Truth About That Cat and Pup
Grantville, January 1635 " . . . start planning for Jonas and Ronella's wedding," Carol finished. "I can hardly believe that we got them officially engaged. Finally. They sit around staring at each other. Jonas, as if he can't really believe his luck. Ronella, as if she can't really believe that she's actually managed to snag the [...]

Two Left Feet
January, 1635 Mac Washaw had thought that after all this time as Mike Stearns' Chief of Staff, that nothing would surprise him. And then Federico Ballarino, Princess Kristina's dancing master, came to see him.****Federico took a deep breath. "I wish to make sure that Prime Minister Stearns, and his wife, are fully cognizant with all [...]

Water Conservation
It might be said truthfully that in those days the young limbs of two branches of that great tree that is the House of Hapsburg were joyfully entwined. —from The Flowering of a New Kingdom: The early reign of Ferdinand and Marianne in the Netherlandsby Carolus van Loon, University of Antwerp Press, 1702.Queen Marianna strode [...]

Continuing Serials

No Ship for Tranquebar, Part One
Somewhere in the Bay of Bengal October 1635 The deck plummeted. Anders Kiersted, captain of the Danish trading vessel Pelican, braced himself behind the helmsman. "Steady as you go, Kris." The helmsman said nothing, just continued to fight with the rudder in the stormy seas. Anders closed his eyes briefly in prayer, then said, "Not [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Industrial Alchemy, Part 4: Organic Chemical Feedstocks and Product Timeline
Here, I expand upon the introduction to natural feedstocks which appeared in part 3, and then discuss some products which might be made, and when they might be available. Coal FeedstocksCoal Pyrolysis and Coal Tar DistillationIn 1856, Perkins reacted aniline from coal tar with potassium dichromate, serendipitously obtaining the new silk dye mauveine. In the [...]

Stallions vs. Geldings as War and Riding Horses
Recently I had an email exchange about the use of stallions vs. geldings as warhorses and riding horses. In hopes that some of this might be useful for other writers, I put together the following compilation of my responses. As always, my opinions on horses and horsemen are my opinions based on my own experiences [...]

Grantville Gazette, Volume 27, 1 January 2010 Table of ContentsFiction:The Anaconda Project, Further News by Grantville Gazette Staff (more…)

Diplomacy with the Ottomans seems not to be working for Grantville and the USE because the Ottomans don't seem to want to talk. " Almost a year and a half, from the spring of 1632 onward, of patient and carefully drafted letters, friendly overtures carried to Istanbul by a dozen or more hands, had dropped [...]


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