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1632 Fiction

Advice and Counsel
Grantville, October 1634 "I love October's bright blue weather." The Reverend Mary Ellen Jones stood on the rectory porch, just breathing, and almost regretted it when she saw her next appointment walking down the street. It wasn't as bright and as blue in Thuringia as it had been in West Virginia, but on a good [...]

Another Man's Treasure
"We need to build something."Paulus shook his head. "Forget it. The sewing machine has been done. The washing machine has been done. As have the typewriter and the bicycle. A steam car would take a machine shop, which we cannot afford. It's already being worked on, anyway. Anything we can do that can be done, [...]

MagdeburgJuly 1634Magdeburg Times-JournalJuly 18, 1634 The Royal Arts Council announced today that the contract for designing and constructing an organ for the new Royal Opera Hall and Fine Arts Complex has been awarded to Johann Bach of Wechmar. Herr Bach is a musician and organist of note who has studied under Herr Johann Christoph Hoffmann, [...]

Still Life with Wolves and Canvases
"Werewolf?" Denis Sesma caught himself chuckling as he retied three small strips of leather on his horse's saddle. This was not the first time that his traveling companion, Elizabeth "Betsy" Springer, had asked that question. Actually, it was more like the fifth time in the last two or three days, that the tall redhead had [...]

The Vice President's Plane is Down
0823hrs, Wednesday, March 7, 1635, GrantvilleTower, Hans Richter Field"Mayday, mayday, mayday. Bravo Charlie Zero One."Markus Gärtner erupted from his chair as the urgency of Bravo Charlie Zero One's call penetrated the quiet of the control tower, the mug of freshly brewed coffee in his hand forgotten for just a moment. Then he squealed as the [...]

Time to Plan the Next Con
Come see us!The 1632 crew (as many as can make it) will be getting together in Raleigh, NC, in August 2010. We'll be running our mini-con within Reconstruction/NASFIC.Their website is here: http://www.reconstructionsf.org/There will be panels and discussions, we'll get together for dinner, we'll sit around and talk until we're hoarse. You know, the usual stuff [...]

Tortured Souls
Apartment of Geri Kinney, near the universityJena, SoTFMonday afternoon, May 15, 1634 Geri Kinney spun the knob on her keyless deadbolt. "Momentchen, ich komme," she said loudly. But her open door revealed no black-toothed, middle-aged German man and no awestruck university student. "Hi, Jimmy. Come in."After Geri shut the door, James Alec Wild grinned and [...]

Which Way is Up?
Kudzu Scientific Instruments, GrantvilleSeptember 1634Helmut Strauss pounded the table in frustration. "I don't care what you do, you have got to get this thing working. Der Adler has about reached the end of his patience, and so have I!""But Herr Strauss," Bertha Klepsh protested, "we've tried everything we could think of to make it work. [...]

Ya’ Gets Yer Money and Ya’ Gets Yer Choice
Grantville, November 1634 Tom Quiney rested his elbows on the balustrade of the concrete bridge that was such a landmark feature in downtown Grantville. Their goal, a white-painted storefront office, was just in sight.“Should we?” his brother Dick asked.“The bill was good.”“I guess he was sick. He died. So someone in the company in London [...]

Continuing Serials

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1632 Non Fiction

Sexually transmitted infections (formerly called venereal diseases) caused a surprising amount of discomfort, loss of fertility, madness and even death in the early modern era. There was a lack of understanding of the diseases, of the corresponding public health measures that should have been in effect, and of reliable treatments. Advances in bacteriology and serology [...]

Industrial Alchemy: Part 3, Organic Chemistry Methods and Canonical Appearances
Organic Chemistry is both a new discipline, and an old one. New, in that the first artificial synthesis of an organic compound didn't occur until 1828. Old, in that organic compounds, in dilute form, have been produced for centuries: ethyl alcohol and acetic acid (vinegar) by the beer and wine industry; fatty acid salts by [...]

The Ox is Slow but the Earth is Patient: A very basic guide to the use of oxen
From time to time we have had people drop in to 1632 Tech and ask, "What about oxen?" It is a fair question and we've suggested that someone familiar with oxen write a facts article. So far we've had no takers and, as the defacto livestock expert*, it appears that I am the one to [...]


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