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1632 Fiction

A Change of Hart
April 1633, Salt Lick Run"And then you store the fulminate of mercury in water until you need it, like this." Dexter "Ape" Hart demonstrated.Hans Rörer dipped a finger into the bucket of water and looked up at Ape. "Why?"Ape sighed. Fucking dumb kraut. I already explained why. Don't you understand proper American? He tried one [...]

A Nerd at Sea
Portsmouth, England, 1633 Captain Erasmus Waddle didn't waddle, Jeremy noted. He seemed likely to, being a short, portly man of middle years with graying hair. If you saw a portrait of him you might well assume that he waddled like a duck. Instead he moved with a stiff, but forceful, precision, that seemed to say [...]

Franconia! Parts 2 and 3
PART IIASK AN AUGUST SKY If that my lines, being placed before thy book, Could make it sell, or alter but a look Of some sour censurer, who's apt to say, No one in these times can produce a play Worthy his reading . . . Which to this tragedy must give my test, Thou has made [...]

Gajam Raanni
North of Kollam, India Kumbham (February-March), 809 Malayalam Era (1634 CE)"Princess, where are you hiding?" yelled Abhaya, his hands cupped to form a speaking trumpet.There was no answer. "Chinna! It's time to go! You have a wedding to attend."Abhaya, a wiry twelve-year-old boy, turned slowly, looking and listening in every direction. There was a broad [...]

If I Had a Hammer
April 1635 East of Arpke village Dieter Schwarzkopf crouched on one knee and looked up at his partner, Finn Kelley O'Donnell. "Ah, there you are." The huge Irishman raised his hammer with both hands. "Hold still, my lovely." He swung the hammer down and smashed his target in the head. Dieter jumped back out of [...]

The Man in the Pocket
Chapter 1The Bull and BloodLondon, Early Winter 1634 A priest, a giant, and a midget walked into a pub on an early winter afternoon.The patrons of the Bull and Blood stopped what they were doing and stared. Geoffrey Hudson, the midget—or, more properly, dapperling—was exactly twenty-one inches tall, and perfectly formed. He had a smooth [...]

The Mill on the River Kymi
Late 1634, Pomerania, USE The Lord High Chancellor will call on Field Marshal Hermanni Wrangell, Baron of Skokloster, on Wednesday next. Signed for and by the order of The Lord High Chancellor, Axel Ochsenstern, Count of Södermöre. The usual note for a social visit or a routine call in the line of duty would read [...]

Continuing Serials

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1632 Nonfiction

Binding the Land With Steel
It came to pass in the days of Gustav Adolphus, messengers came forth from another time, and the people all did clamor, "Our children are starving and we are cold." And behold, the messengers did create Granges and Factories, and plenty from there came forth. And the people again did cry out, "The bounty does [...]

Industrial Alchemy, Part 2: Inorganic Chemical Bestiary
Within a few weeks of the Ring of Fire (RoF), Greg Ferrara tells the "Emergency Committee" that "Sulfuric acid is about as basic for modern industry as steel." The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica (EB11) and the modern Encyclopedia Americana (EA) agree that sulfuric acid is the most important of all chemicals. But that, of course, doesn't [...]


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