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1632 Fiction

A Job Well Done
July 1634, MagdeburgKatherine Franzius surveyed the contents of her wardrobe. What to wear to work today? It hadn't been a problem when she first started work at Magdeburg Concrete two years ago. Back then she'd made do with a single dark blue skirt and jacket, and choice of two linen blouses for work—the standard uniform [...]

Power Play
I'd gotten a decent night's sleep after the hard ride back from Eisenach. Much of Grantville had stayed up late celebrating their victory over the Croats, but I'd slept through most of it. After breaking my fast, I wandered over to the police station to see how the Grantville police were dealing with the aftermath [...]

The Dewey System
Kurt's expression was one of triumph, a triumph he carefully avoided giving voice to, however much he felt like shouting. It wouldn't do to give away his secret. He had only half-believed the stories about Grantville and its hoard of knowledge. But here it was—this book, this blessed book, told him where to find the [...]

The Duchess is a Leatherneck
Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.” Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985 Chapter OneThe Parade Ground, Marine BarracksMagdeburg Navy Yard, MagdeburgCityUnited States of EuropeEarly summer 1635, 0900 hours local“Pla-TOON! Atten-SHUN! Pre-SENT ARMS!” The senior drill instructor had timed it perfectly, waiting until [...]

Venus and Mercury
Madame's earthly affairs had long been largely in order, but this latest bout, lasting weeks, came at a bad time. Events in England had erupted. Her incapacity had tragic consequence for Thomas' dear nephew, Adam, who she loved as dearly as if he had been her own. She was now recovered sufficiently enough to give [...]

Continuing Serials

Turn Your Radio On, Episode Six
Chapter NineteenMay 1634, Grantville, State of Thuringia-Franconia, United States of Europe Janet Rogers, the News Director of VOA was at her wits' end. "Jesus, Dee! Hilda can't get any work done for all the callers asking if the war is over yet. Isn't there any way to pull in the reins on that crazy preacher?" [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Finding Your Way in Another Plane
More than anything else, air travel has become one of the great indicators of up-time connections. Aircraft and other flying devices show more than anything else the influence of up-time technology on the seventeenth century. Perhaps one of the hallmark questions that gets asked of people who return from a visit to the USE will [...]

Industrial Alchemy, Part 1: The New Philosopher's Stone
In alchemical thought, the Philosopher's Stone is a fantastical artifact which is capable of transmuting base metals into gold. The new Philosopher's Stone is not an artifact, but knowledge—the teachings of twentieth century chemistry as transmitted by the up-timers and their books—and while it can't change one element into another, it can and will change [...]


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