Vol. 23, May 2009

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1632 Fiction

Anaconda Project Episodes Delayed
Sorry, folks. Eric is sick and won't be able to provide the scheduled two episodes of Anaconda Project for this issue. He's promised to have four episodes for the July issue.And, of course, the two slated for this issue will be free to the public, just in case your subscription expires.Mind, we don't really understand [...]

Don't Cry Over Frozen Milk
August, 1635 Grantville Arch Pennock looked at the balance sheet and wanted to cry. Yes, he knew. Up-time for sure, and probably here and now also, restaurants were the number one most failed business. Still, opening a restaurant had seemed like a great idea back in March.He'd let a young chicken plucker use his kitchen [...]

Game, Set and Match
LondonWhen George Goring entered the study, his father-in-law was seated behind his desk and focused on the paperwork in front of him.George waited a few seconds and then cleared his throat.Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork, and now the King's chief Minister in all but name, looked up and smiled at him."George, so good of you [...]

January 1636, Dover, EnglandFour large bay mares walked quietly down the gangplank and on to the quay. Their heads lifted, nostrils widened, and ears swiveled taking in the new sights, odors, and sounds but they showed no signs of distress. Wilfram Jones smiled in relief. The mares were his gift to his family and the [...]

Loose Canon
The insistent man at the rectory door turned out to be George Andrews, Magistrate, so Bartholomew set aside his complaints about the late hour, lit a candle, and opened the door."Good evening, Bartholomew.""And good evening to you as well, George. What brings you about at such a late hour. Something official?""Not at the moment, Reverend. [...]

Northwest Passage, Part Two
The last patron had left the inn and Anna was in the kitchen, washing the last of the pots. Luke and Mette sat in front of the fireplace in the dining area staring at the flames. Luke's shirt was open and Mette was playfully tickling his gray hairs. "Mette, how can I concentrate if you [...]

Rachel's Plaint
MagdeburgLate March 1635It was early afternoon in the office of Paulus Bünemann. The door was closed, as the good Herr Bünemann was expecting no visitors. The merchant was, in fact, indulging in a post-prandial nap.Despite Herr Bünemann's expectations, however, there was a visitor, one who walked on silent feet to where the merchant slept on [...]

Silencing the Sirens' Song
Meløy, Nordland, Norway, April 1634Nikulas Anderson woke with the sun streaming through the open window. The air was still and he could hear the roar of the waterfalls at the head of Glomfjord—the noisy fjord. He hated those waterfalls. Three years ago they had claimed his parents, his younger brother, and his baby sister. Birgitte, [...]

Continuing Serials

Turn Your Radio On, Episode Five
Chapter Fifteen"Thank you, Jacob! That was wonderful."And now, before we introduce this week's talent contest winner, I wanted to let all of you listeners in the Jena area know that the Grantville Pentecostal Church will be holding our first revival of the season this Wednesday through Friday in the field just south of Jena and [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Mineral Mastery: Discovery and Control of Ore Deposits After the Baltic War
Introduction Kipling may have thought that only "Iron—Cold Iron—is master of them all," but there are quite a few minerals which will be of military and economic importance in the "new" 1630s. This essay updates the economic geography of the 1632 universe from the end of 1632 (see Runkle, "Mente et Malleo: Practical Mineralogy and [...]

The Oil Mines at Wietze and Pechelbronn
Introduction After collection of oil from surface outcrops and seeps, mining of oil is arguably the oldest means of exploiting hydrocarbon resources. Heavy oils, used to caulk ships, were hand dug from shallow pits in the Middle East several hundred years BC. (Lyman et al, p 565). In recent times, two oil fields in Europe [...]


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