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1632 Fiction

  David Bartley and Johan Kipper got off the train at Camp Saale and looked around. It wasn't the first time they had been here, but it was their first time as regular army instead of weekend warriors. The camp was mostly deserted since it was the middle of the week. The headquarters of the [...]

North Anglesey Coast  of Wales, August 1635   Squire Dafydd Jones sat at dinner wearing a new velvet jacket over a shirt of the finest linen. The silver on the table sparkled from having been polished and repolished. The finest of everything he had graced the table. His campaign to win the hand of the [...]

The Pitch
Today the road was perfect, dry enough for wagon wheels but not yet dusty. Ian, who had sold a few of the up-time plows that were in the fields, was delighted. He had a new product in the wagon that he said was a surefire-couldn't-miss item, and he and Bert were going to revolutionize a [...]

The Pessimist's Daughter
The Gardens, December, 1634 "I found every last one of those sons-of-bitches. Every last one. Do you have any idea how much money that son-of-a-bitch spends on those sons-of-bitches?" Staunton Bell took a deep swig of pilsner beer, emptied the mug, and slammed it down with a victorious bang. "Could Tony find them? Could he?""No, [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Ten
Chapter 10“You're not asking for much, are you, Morris?” said Bernard Fodor. The older of the two Fodor brothers was doing his best to grumble, but the effort was being undercut by the other members of his family. Not only was his brother Cyril smiling, but his wife was almost laughing.Not to mention his two [...]

Nobody Wants To Be a Pirate in the Baltic
Kolberg, Pomerania, March 1635 "Viktor not have all day" Hans Johansson jumped and nearly dropped the musket he gingerly held in his soft, white hands when the gravelly voice broke the silence. He'd been so busy examining the musket that he'd momentarily forgotten Viktor, though, as he glanced at the big brute of a man [...]

"God damned piece of shit." The words came from under the automated money changer in the First National Bank of Grantville. And Reva Pridmore suddenly knew it was going to be a bad day. The AMC, or Simon Legree as the bank employees called it, was the unnatural child of two coke machines and a [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Nine
Chapter 9“I have news,” Lukasz Opalinski announced, as soon as his friend Jozef Wojtowicz entered the room which served Opalinski as a combination library and small salon.Jozef closed the door behind him. “What could be so urgent that I had to drop everything and come here all the way from Poznan? Two days it took [...]

An Irish Sitter
Augsburg, September 1634 "Horatio Alger Burston, this is totally unlike you!" a rather exasperated Catharina said. She would very much have preferred for her new husband to leave the hiring of staff completely up to her as he always had before. Well, almost always, anyway. For some reason she never understood he had insisted that [...]

Continuing Serials

Turn Your Radio On, Episode Three
Chapter SevenDecember 1633, Grantville, State of Thuringia, United States of Europe It never got easier, Dr. Nichols thought as he welcomed John Chalker and his helper Georg Fleitner into his private office. The best way was just to go ahead and give the patient his diagnosis. "Reverend Chalker, it appears you have early stages of [...]

Stretching Out, Part Six: King of the Jungle
Paramaribo (Gustavus), SurinameShort Dry Season (February-March, 1635)"My children. Help find?" The Dutch words were painfully enunciated, clearly learned by rote. Maria Vorst put down the chalk with which she had been drawing, and studied the questioner. The tall black man, by his markings, was Coromantee. They were the people living in what the up-timers called [...]

To the most revered and accomplished Maestro Girolamo Frescobaldi, City of Florence Maestro It is with the utmost presumption that I write to you. All the world knows of your skill, of your art, of your place as the musical jewel in the setting of Florence and the court of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. [...]

1632 Non Fiction

    Technology is usually thought of in terms of understanding of the physical world and the ability to manipulate it. However, ideas and methodology can also be thought of as a form of technology in which society is understood and manipulated. For example, the introduction of Grantville to the Germanies brought American ideas about [...]

The Wind is Free: Sailing Ship Design, Part 1: Propulsion
An early seventeenth-century explorer, Captain David Pieterszoon De Vries, told the Duc de Guise, "My ambition is to travel and see the whole world in all its four quarters." Three-fourths of the world is ocean, so it's not surprising that he became a seafarer. In his day, sailing ships were the sina qua non of [...]

Hyperinflation: Who Is Going To Do It?
The 16th century was a period of massive inflation. European silver production increased as gold and silver came from the Americas. The growing importance of credit transactions plus population growth and the expansion of European economies and trade were all factors. In the Danube region the price of grain increased 170%; meat prices soared by [...]

Home On the Grange
Take Europe . . . The state of agriculture in the 1600s is unique. Nothing approaching the modern standardization of methods existed. One can find farming practices ranging from the ancient to the modern. This is mostly because of the large number of diverse political systems in existence, with the result that agriculture was not practiced in [...]


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