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1632 Fiction

Magdeburg, September, 1634 Tracy Kubiak stared at the shop window, not really seeing anything. She was in Magdeburg to inspect the local division of her company, Grantville Canvas and Outdoor, but she was finding it hard to stay motivated. Maybe it was just because she'd turned thirty, but she'd been feeling old and tired lately. [...]

  November, 1633 "Ux Te!" Kseniya hadn't at all expected what she was seeing.   When Princess Natalia Petrovna hired Father Gavril to come to Grantville and set up a church for the people who were coming to study, she'd mentioned that her brother Vladimir had bought a home. She'd even put Kseniya "on salary" [...]

  Dec. 23, 1633 "Where is it? It's late," Heinrich muttered under his breath as he waited impatiently for the tram. Soon he would be out of this nest of heretics. Soon he would far away from this cursed city, this Grantville, the so-called city from the future. He smiled. Soon he would be rich. [...]

  Somewhere in the eastern Harz mountains, 1635   Something's burning! Stefan Leichtfuss stopped in his tracks to sniff, and began slowly scanning his eyes all around. There! A wisp of smoke was rising out of that new wooden cabinet mounted on the post! Before he could move, there was a loud humming, and then [...]

  Hamburg, January 1633 Someone grabbed Annabet Nutsch and covered her eyes. "Guess who!" Annabet stiffened. She recognized the voice and jabbed her elbow into her brother's ribs. "Grow up, Johann." She wrestled free and shook her finger at the tall, gangly young man with light brown shaggy hair. "You should be in Jena doing [...]

Continuing Serials

November 1634   "Thus saith the Lord . . ." "Stop." Andrea Abati closed his eyes. When he opened them again, Dietrich Fischer was still looking at him with that same placid but confused expression he'd been wearing all evening. Andrea scrubbed his hands over his face, then took a deep breath. "Dietrich, you are [...]

Turn Your Radio On, Episode Two
Chapter Four "Good morning, Europe. Guten Morgen, Europa! You're listening to Voice of America as we begin another broadcast day from our studios on Mountaineer Lane in Grantville, New United States. Today is September tenth, Gregorian; August thirty-first Julian and at the tone it will be five thirty Grantville Standard Time."September 1632, Grantville, New United [...]

1632 Non Fiction

    In the world the up-timers left behind, the most widely consumed substance on Earth was water. What came second? Concrete. Indeed, concrete can be said to be, quite literally, the foundation of modern society. We depend upon it for shelter (concrete buildings), transportation (concrete highways), and energy (concrete dams providing hydroelectric power). In [...]

Prologue Engineer Lothar Schneider walked into the crew office. Glancing up he checked out the assignment boards and spotted his name. Yeah, there it was. He had received the first run. He turned and saw his fireman hang up his time card. "Otto, are you ready?" Otto sauntered over, wiping beer from his mustache. He [...]


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