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1632 Fiction

First Impressions
The pickpocket thought he had spotted an easy mark. First of all, he could tell from the fellow's clothing that he was a foreigner. So he wouldn't get the same kind of help if he raised a hue and cry that a citizen would.Secondly, he was at the fair selling paintings. Artists were notoriously oblivious [...]

A Gentile in the Family?
Late winter 1635"Sarah? Just what do you think is going to happen when your father finds out?" Rivka asked as they left the grade school. She was one of those precocious little girls who behave like they were born twenty years old and started aging from there."Finds out what?" Sarah replied. Snow was falling in [...]

High Road to Venice
Merton Smith rolled his wheel chair over to the phone and called up the weather service. "Hi, Dan. How's it look for a flight to Venice?" "Not horrible. The reports from the weather stations are mostly in. There is a warm front that was moving in from the west but it seems to have stalled. [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Seven
“So, what you think?” asked Piccolomini. The Italian general from Florence who was now in Austrian service raised his cup.The man sitting across from him at the round little table in the small but very crowded restaurant frowned down at the cup in front of him. He'd only had a few sips of the dark [...]

The Royal and Ancient Game
St Andrews Scotland, Winter 1634 James O'Fehl, the butler of Ramsay Manor, wearily tugged open the heavy wooden door to Andrew's bedchamber. He could see faint streaks of morning light through gaps in the drawn draperies. Andrew was sleeping soundly in the center of his large bed. James shuffled across the room, and briefly paused [...]

The Creamed Madonna
Late summer 1635, JenaDr. Phillip Gribbleflotz was at a bit of a loose end. He'd finally concluded that there was something fundamentally wrong with the theory that pyramid power could be used to invigorate the Quinta Essentia of the human spirit, and had regretfully given up on that line of research. He desperately needed something [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Eight
After they left the restaurant—or “café,” rather—Piccolomini glanced up at the sky, which had grown leaden.“Snowing soon,” he said, reaching up and drawing his cloak around him more tightly.Von Mercy followed suit. The temperature wasn't too bad, but there was something of a wind that added considerably to the chill. “Where are we headed? Unterer [...]

Continuing Serials

Hallelujah, Part One
Magdeburg - July, 1634 "It's here! It's here!" The three men looked around as Marla Linder burst through the door. Next moment, she laid an oblong package on the table in front of them. "What is here?" Franz Sylwester asked his wife. The inevitable smile crossed his face as he looked at Marla. It seemed [...]

Turn Your Radio On, Episode One
PrologueApril 1634, Grantville, State of Thuringia-Franconia, United States of Europe "Der Kronz" was in an exuberant mood as he walked into the Voice of America offices, whistling an up-timer tune by the name of "Do the Hustle" and without a care in the world.That lasted until he ran into his boss."To top everything else off," [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Better Foundations, Part 1: An Introduction to Concrete
Concrete—"Liquid Stone"—has made possible many innovations in architecture. Yet concrete is no Space Age wunderkind; it has its roots in antiquity. Concrete, albeit of a kind inferior to the modern product, was used by the Romans in the construction of the Pantheon, which has endured since the time of the Emperor Hadrian. While the Roman [...]

Lighter-than-air technology is a lot like the game Go. It is easy to learn, but very hard to master. Many countries tried the technology, but only a few managed to master it. By far the largest number of rigid airships were built by Germany. On the other hand, the United States was the country which [...]

Plausibility Denial or Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
Predictions and Reality Some years ago the barflies who frequent the 1632 Tech Manual, after much debate, came up with the number of computers in Mannington, West Virginia. Which was also the number of computers in Grantville. At the most recent 1632 con, we discovered that that estimate was off. As of the year 2000, [...]


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