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1632 Fiction

Too Late for Sunday
December, 1633, Grantville"Roberta Allene Haggerty! Come here for a minute, please.""What is it, Momma?" Allie answered, entering her parents' room. The "please" didn't fool her a bit. Nobody called you by your full name unless you were in trouble."We need to talk, honey.""'Bout what?"Her mother studied her for a moment before speaking. "I'm worried about [...]

The Bloody Baroness of Bornholm
May 1634, 0430 hrs, in the shadow of Hammershus Castle, Island of Bornholm, the Baltic"Get ready to jump," the man at the rudder called.Jesper Hansen tugged his cap down tight and slung his duffle bag over his shoulder. There was a gentle bump as the boat brushed the rocks and Jesper leapt for the shore. [...]

Dark as a Dungeon
Henry Johnson was happy to see the three horses the family owned in the field. That meant that Anse and Hagen were back from the medical center. Maybe, just maybe the waiting was over. Henry pointed the horses out to Wendel Schultz and Suse Eckhard who were seated across the tram's aisle. "When we get [...]

And That's How the Money Rolls In
Hours later, after the poker game broke up, Janos was still waiting in the kitchen. Arch Pennock thought he'd gone on home after all the dumplings had been finished by the ravening horde that was his poker buddies."Mister Pennock," Janos said, "I don't mind cooking Sundays, I really don't. But going into catering, well, I [...]

Gifted with Pascal
Mary Timm hated church steeples.There was no glass in them. They blocked the light in odd ways, cast shadows where shadows had no place being. They stabbed the sky and mocked the sun. They interfered with her art.Having a boy hanging from one didn't help either."Boys!" Mary snarled as she marched into the fire department. [...]

Quintessentially Blonde
Grantville, January 1635"Why are you asking, Missy?" Debbie Jenkins asked."You know Pam Hardesty. In the going-to-be-a-librarian-someday classes with me. She's thinking about when she comes to get married. If she does. And what she's going to tell a respectable down-time man about that blank spot on her birth certificate. If she should marry one. A [...]

Continuing Serials

Sonata, Part Four
  Movement IV - Presto Furioso   Grantville - April, 1634 Thomas Schwarzberg plopped a pile of manuscript pages down on the table in front of Amber Higham. "Done. That is the last of the pieces Franz desired for the concert—the full score and all the instrument parts as well." He rubbed at weary eyes. [...]

Stretching Out, Part Five: Riding the Tiger
Marshall's Creek, Suriname River Long Dry Season, 1634 (July-November 1634)Maria Vorst sniffed the wound, and grimaced. "It's infected." Her patient shrugged stoically. "How did it happen?" Captain Marshall answered for her charge. "Not sure, but probably just a cut from razorgrass, or a spiny vine."Maria shook her head. "The men have got to get into [...]

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Seven, The Bureaucrats are Revolting
July 17, 1634 "Oh!" Judy the Younger Wendell heaved a great sigh. "She's beautiful." The bride was beautiful. Brandy Bates wore a flowing white angora/wool gown with a Chinese silk veil. The veil was attached to a wreath of white roses mixed with baby's breath and myrtle leaves. The leaves were said to bring good [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Ambrose Bierce, in The Devil's Dictionary, defined an "accident" as "an inevitable occurrence due to the action of immutable natural laws." But some industrial accidents are avoidable, and the secret to minimizing them is to know what the hazards of the job are, and to reduce those hazards by a combination of engineering controls (e.g., [...]

What's For Dinner: Typical Dishes From 1632.
The common dishes in 1632 were quite different from what most western people eat today, and the following article will try to show what would have been prepared and served in the household of a moderately prosperous craftsman—say a printer or a blacksmith—in central Germany. In other words, what an American in the 1632 universe [...]

The Ring of Fire was an event that shook the world of 1631 to its foundations. One of the disciplines destined to be revolutionized is mathematics, which was still in its infancy at the time. This article looks at what changes the coming of Grantville would be likely to make to the mathematics of the [...]


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