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1632 Fiction

Ghosts on the Glass
The first time Mary saw the ghosts she was transfixed. In the beginning, they had frightened her, the ghosts. Now she found them before they found her. She knew where to look and how. With a clever smudge here or a bit of pigment there, she could enclose them or set them free or leave [...]

Comedy of Error
"Oh. My. God. They have those damned things down-time too?""What things Flo?" Anna followed Flo's icy glare toward a temporary stage erected in the Grantville market. On it, a group of Italian traveling players were performing a broad, ribald and highly improvised show. She turned back to her friend. "Traveling comedy theater? They had them [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Six
When Jozef finished with his presentation, the immediate reaction of his two listeners was about what he'd expected. Silence. Total, complete silence.After a few seconds, Lukasz Opalinski sighed faintly and leaned back a little further in his heavily-upholstered armchair. He gave the big hetman sitting to his left a glance that was just short of [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Five
As he watched the archer bringing his horse around again for another run at the target, Lukasz Opalinski leaned toward the man standing next to him. “So, tell me, Jozef. Is Grantville as exotic as its reputation?”Jozef Wojtowicz didn't answer immediately. He was pre-occupied with watching the mounted archer.“I think he's still the best horseman [...]

Bunny B. Goode
"These Americans," Don Alfredo de Aguilera said with a sigh. "They have no idea of the effects they have." He cast a sardonic look out the window, then sighed and turned back to his letter. The best he could do was the best he could do, but that didn't mean that his uncle Ramon was [...]

Golden Corn—A Tale of Old Joe on the Mountain Top
"It's the first of May and there's snow on the ground." Old Joe had talked to himself all of his life. Now with his wife gone he was living alone in a house accustomed to keeping two or three and—on rare, brief occasions—four generations of Jenkins at the same time, so he talked to himself [...]

Feng Shui for the Soul
Grantville, 1633Kurt Stoltz ignored the rumbling of his stomach and continued his careful scanning of the pages of the newspaper. He well knew that they censored everything. So one had to read everything to detect the tiny inconsistencies that hinted at what they had removed. He knew there were censors about, especially in Grantville. There [...]

Lost In Translation
Spring 1634Grantville"Hans, you fool, where are you!"Hans hurriedly entered the room. The master's face was red, and his eyes were bulging, making him look rather like a choleric bullfrog. Uh-oh, he thought. What is it this time? He lowered his eyes. "Yes, Master?" "You took a book to the translators today?" asked Bullfrog Eyes. "Yes, [...]

Silver Age
Grantville, March 1635Pam Hardesty squatted down next to a set of encyclopedias in the National Research Center. Tuesday. Cross-training for would-be librarians. Someone, somewhere up the food chain, had decided that they would be better prepared to help researchers in the future if they had some research experience in the present. "Missy, can you come [...]

Continuing Serials

Homage to Etruria, Part One: The Patron's Plight
I. May 1635, Outside RomeGiulio Gentileschi paused to re-tie the kerchief around his nose and mouth to keep out the dust. His companion, a hulking lefferto named Carlo Belzoni did the same. If only cloth could keep the smell of panic out of their noses as well as it kept out the dirt being stirred [...]

Sonata, Part Three
Movement III - Adagio Sostenuto Grantville - March, 1634 " . . . and after seeing and hearing Master Ingram's uncle's violin, the masters were eager to get the new 'merino' designs. They agreed to make us thirty master grade violins for 20 guilders apiece." Johannes Fichtold was positively beaming, Franz thought. Then something in Johannes' report [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Scraps of Fashion
Something to keep in mind when writing fashion into your 1632verse stories is that the down-timers don't think their fashions are ugly. From the point of view of the twentieth century, the up-timers will see many of the garments the highest classes wear as stiff, awkward and, yes, ugly. But then, to the truly fashion [...]

In Virginia DeMarce's "Murphy's Law" (Grantville Gazette, Volume 5), Tony Adducci tells Count August about the real-life "Mannington Mine Disaster": "It was at Farmington, right beyond the border of the Ring of Fire, heading east past the high school. There was a big explosion in Consolidation Coal Company's number-nine mine. Ninety-nine miners were inside; only [...]

The Steam Car
The day approaches, more quickly than we may think, that the demand for automobiles will far surpass the supply that arrived with the Ring of Fire. Also, many of the cars from the future will have un-repairable breakdowns. A solution to the transportation gap may be the steam powered car. Steam powered cars have several [...]

The Importance of Having a Pig: Food and Preservation in 1632
The Importance of StorageSelf-sufficiency was the alpha and omega of housekeeping in the 1632 era, and no matter how rich or poor a household was, it was the responsibility of the housewife or housekeeper to ensure the food lasted from harvest to harvest. Even the wealthiest household couldn't just suddenly order enough flour for the [...]


The World Turned Upside Down
The Torbert Farm Grantville, WVThe Beginning"G.W., if you'll just talk to J.B . . . . maybe he'll listen to you. He's our baby brother and we have to help him with his drinking problem. He can come stay with me in Fairmont. Since I'm retired now, I can take care of him. Just talk to him, [...]

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