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1632 Fiction

Hunting Traditions
Walt Dorrman looked up at the cold blue skies of an early October morning and knew that it was time to go hunting. He went to his small but well loved gun collection and held them one by one, as if greeting old friends. He had grown up hunting; it was a tradition in his [...]

Wedding Daze
Grantville, August 1634Velma Hardesty took a good look at herself in the mirror.Jacques-Pierre Dumais came to the trailer and talked to her for an hour or two at least three or four times a week and gave her ideas on which she was to Meditate. She smiled at her reflection, a little sourly. She bet [...]

The Galloping Goose
"Okay, guys, very carefully, peel the logo stencils and coverings off the doors and I'll get the big one on the back end," Arlen instructed. The sharp smell of drying paint hung in the air, a fine mist shrouding the gathered crowd, as Mike and Martin peeled off the new door logos for the Grantville, [...]

E. Coli: A Tale of Redemption
Ken paused in front of Jimmy Dick barely long enough to say, "Incoming," before moving down the bar and taking shelter in the back room. Jimmy glanced in the mirror to see his ex-wife, Bina Rae, framed by the early afternoon sun, walking toward him from the slowly closing door of the otherwise empty bar. [...]

Duty Calls
  March, 1634 The room was packed with villagers happy to see visitors and hear the latest news and gossip. Rob Clark, stretching his legs, found two young boys under the table. It seemed to him that every inch of space was crammed with people. Some youngsters sat the edge of an unfinished staircase, legs [...]

"Get out of the goddamned way, Little Ferdie!" Ferdinand Bader got out of Sergeant Sandler's way as quickly as he could. Not that he was really in the way, but it was typical of Sandler to shout, just as it was typical of Captain Lehrer to look down his rather pointed nose at "Little Ferdie." [...]

Sure Thing
Sunrise, Monday, March 13, 1634, MagdeburgElisabetha Schmelzer was sure the shadow walking behind her was a man, and that he was following her. Every time she stopped, he stopped as well. She wasn't quite ready to panic just yet, but a woman alone in this area at this early hour of the morning wasn't safe. [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Five, Delayed
Folks, due to illness, Eric will be unable to complete Episode Five in time. We will be running Episode Five and Six in Grantville Gazette, Volume 17 and we will ensure that all members will be able to read it then, whether or not their membership has expired.The Grantville Gazette Editorial Board

Continuing Serials

Stretching Out, Part Four: Beyond the Line
Trinidad, April, 1634It was a lake, but one unlike any other they had seen. This was the famous Pitch Lake of Trinidad. A hundred acres of tar. David Pieterszoon de Vries, captain of the fluyt Walvis, studied it for a few moments. The lake was nearly circular, perhaps two thousand feet across, nestled in a [...]

Sonata, Part Two
Movement II - Andante espressivo Grantville - Monday, January 9, 1634 Franz looked at his traveling companions, and Maestro Carissimi. They were standing outside the office of Lady Beth Haygood, talking and waiting for Hermann. As Marla turned to ask il maestro a question, Franz smiled to himself. He remembered Marcus Wendell's reaction last Friday [...]

1632 Non Fiction

The High-Stepping Beauties
Joseph stood on the platform, his eyes tightly shut, straining with his whole self to hear the whistle. It was time. The schedule said it was time, the whistle would tell. There it was, the distant chime. It was the first notes of a hymn always played by Mr. Schneider. Then there was the cloud [...]

Tell Me What You Eat, and I'll Tell You Who You Are
Food and Cooking According to Class in 1632 Introduction In the Germany of 1632 the difference between the food available to the rich and to the poor was immensely bigger than it is today. Not so much because of the various class-based anti-luxury decrees aimed at cutting down on expensive imports—those were largely ignored—but because [...]

Seeing the Heavens
"The soul without imagination is what an observatory would be without a telescope," according to Henry Ward Beecher. In the seventeenth century, solar system astronomy lay at the center of the debates as to place of mankind in the universe, and the relationship of religion and science. The telescope played a decisive role in these [...]

Unintended Consequences: Dealing with the Population Density Explosion
The reconstruction of Magdeburg brings to mind issues in population density. Although relatively large cities existed in 1634 in OTL, none of them qualifies as a really modern city, as the up-timers would recognize them. The up-timers will cause an unparalleled population density explosion, based on the technologies and the social systems that were developed [...]


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