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1632 Fiction

The Whippoorwill
"I'm getting too old for this shit." Anse Hatfield swung off his horse, the dull pains in his back and legs reminding him that camping rough and riding all day was a young man's game. He waved to Sergeant Albrecht. "Hold off making camp. Now that we've finally caught up with the Army, I'll go [...]

Dog Days
Spring 1632, Grantville, Thuringia, Germany, early morningOld Pete sat in his favorite spot and huffed out a breath of air that made his mouth flap comfortably. He laid his head down onto his paws and watched the streets through the white wooden pickets of the porch railings. The scents of the budding flowers made his [...]

The Summer of Our Discontent
Grantville, May 1634Susan Logsden sat in the front pew of Grantville's rebuilt Presbyterian church, flanked on one side by Grampa Ben and Grandma Gloria and on the other by her half-sister Pam Hardesty and half-brother Cory Joe Lang. She couldn't stop the tears from flowing down her face as she looked at the twin coffins. [...]

A Pirate's Ken
The lookout squinted. In the east, a horizon-hugging bank of clouds glowed red, heralding the imminent sunrise. In the west, the sky was a deep azure, with only a few stars still glimmering. Below his perch was a dark skeleton of masts and spars. He turned to the north. He saw naught but water and [...]

The Old Gray Goose
GrantvilleThanksgiving, 1635"Why are you not happy, Herr Benito? We have a half day off." The new butcher's helper, Hans Knefler, glanced over at the man he'd been assigned to work with out of the corner of his eye as they walked home from work. Benito never looked particularly happy to Hans."Kid, if we didn't work [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Four
Krzysztof Opalinski was obviously puzzled by Morris' reference to himself as Gandalf. But, to Melissa's surprise, his companion Jakub Zaborowsky grinned.“Not exactly, Herr Roth—at least, not from our viewpoint. You are more in the way of our Elrond. Perhaps Galadriel.”Morris gaped at him. Jakub made a modest wagging gesture with his hand. “I like to [...]

Letters of Trade
October 1630 Downham Market, Norfolk To John Paulet, WinchesterTo my good friend John, and to your lady wife Jane, we congratulate you at the glad news of the birth of your first son, Charles. We hope both mother and child are well, and his auspices are favourable. John, Mary and I have heard of last [...]

General Electronics laboratoriesMarch 1634Something didn't fit. Else Berding had gone to the break room for a cup of coffee. She came out to see Jennifer Hanson in the hallway, carrying on a conversation through a ham walkie-talkie. It was a little bit of a thing, no more than four inches high, with an eight-inch flex [...]

A Falcon Falls
Saturday Morning, December 31, 1633, Grantville"Swan Lake! How does she expect us to do Swan Lake? And in Magdeburg. The woman is raving."Harvey Matowski glanced back up the road. Nearly half a mile away, just outside the high school, he could see the headlights of a bus as it started its next run carrying patrons [...]

Continuing Serials

Sonata, Part One
  Movement I - Allegro con brio From the Grantville News, Monday, January 2, 1634 Linder-Sylwester Wedding The New Year began with more celebration than usual yesterday as Marla Linder and Franz Sylwester were united in marriage at 3 p.m. in the Methodist church. The bride wore a white gown in the old Grantville tradition, [...]

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Six: The Polish Incident or The Wet Firecracker War
Third Lieutenant Boris Timofeyevich Lebedev, Tim to his friends, was savoring the victory. Right up to the time he was called into the commandant's office. He had beaten Third Lieutenant Ivan Maslov in the Polish invasion scenario two weeks ago. And cleaned up on the deal. The betting had been five to one against him. [...]

1632 Non Fiction

The Theobroma Shell Game
Chocolate, that magical substance that smoothes out the rough parts of our lives. Those of us who have been living with the Grantville "disaster" these past years are reconciled to the fact that we will never have chocolate again. It isn't available in Germany in 1632.Or is it?The basic ingredients of the chocolate we know [...]

Soundings and Sextants, Part Two, Celestial Navigation Methods
According to Marx's book on the Spanish flota, ship's navigators were regarded with scorn and, on many occasions, the denouement to the stranding of a ship's crew was the assassination or execution of the navigator (71). Up-time celestial navigation methods may thus save not just their reputations, but their lives. Celestial navigation is the determination [...]

Tennis: The Game of Kings
Many of the stories of the 1632 Universe relate to the flow of ideas—technological and social—from the up-timers to the down-timers. But the flow can be in the other direction, too. My story "The Chase" (Ring of Fire 2) relates how the up-timers learn about the ancient form of tennis—Royal Tennis—from Thomas Hobbes and William [...]

The Geared Locomotive or What Wood You Shay To?
Geared locomotives were developed to handle rough track industrial applications. Most notable were logging short lines and mining short lines. The traditional steam locomotive has cylinders parallel to the ground with the effort of those cylinders transferred to the drive wheels via reciprocating side rods. A geared locomotive transfers the power to the wheels by [...]


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