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1632 Fiction

Songs and Ballads
Judith Roth claimed no expertise at the piano—only lessons from the seventh through the sixteenth years of her life. She had been profoundly grateful when the last teacher to whom she had been assigned at the Levine School of Music had concurred with her own assessment of her abilities and persuaded her father to let [...]

Jenny and the King's Men
And thus a mighty deed was done by Jenny's valiant hand,Black Prelacy and Popery she drove from Scottish land;King Charles he was a shuffling knave, priest Laud a meddling fool,But Jenny was a woman wise, who beat them with a stool! The column of soldiers advanced down High Street from Edinburgh castle. They parted the [...]

Stepping Up
American Electric WorksThe president's office7:30 PMGottfried voiced an untranslatable grunt of frustration. "How on earth do they come up with this?"Landon looked at the page. "Hmm. Yes. You have every right to be confused, the author should have shown some intermediate steps. Well, let's walk through it . . . " . . . so that's where equation 16 [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode Three
Chapter 3 Fortunately, they were hungry—or James might have spent half an hour instead of three minutes making wisecracks about Lord and Lady Roth and the way they bid fair to make pikers out of any European aristocrats barring maybe the odd emperor here and there. He didn't even make one wisecrack about the food [...]

Bats in the Belfry
Late May, 1634Pam Miller walked briskly down Grantville's main street, hoping to avoid the friendly looking fellow heading her way from the Freedom Arches. It looked like he may be trying to get her attention; she had no idea why and was in one of those moods where she didn't want to find out. She [...]

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days
February, 1635, Grantville It all started on the first day of school. Chaim was in the hallway when he heard a kid say, "Hey, Hans. Look! A Shirley Temple haircut!" "What are you talkin' about?" "The banana curls, just Like Shirley Temple on the T.V.""Red, for an up-timer, you are such a dummy! Don't you [...]

Gearing Up
Happy AcresOctober 1633"Du dummes, undankbares Stück Scheiße!" Jost Neubert screamed. He waved his arms and hit the old John Deere Model B tractor with his hat. The tractor hadn't seen this much work in decades, and steam now poured out of the radiator. "Warum jetzt??"Jost had harvested five acres of wheat on the other end [...]

The New Romantics
Grantville, February 1634Hazel Patton couldn't stand not knowing what the giggling was all about a moment longer. She poked her head around the corner to find three of her teacher trainees giggling over a book. Walking over to them she held out a hand for the book. Marcie Haggerty passed it over. Hazel sighed. It [...]

Mrs. Schumacher
"Lena! Lena! It's here!" Helena looked up from the pot she was stirring to see her cousin Dorothea Kellerin pushing open the door. The girl was barely able to hold on to the basket of food she'd bought at the market, considering the thick book she was waving. "What's here? And be careful with that. [...]

A Matter of Unehrlichkeit
The breeze along the Rhine was beginning to freshen again when Philipp Hainhofer glanced once more towards the gates of Cologne. Where are you Georg? It's been over an hour! His youngest daughter, Sophie, noticed his look. "He's probably in a beer tavern somewhere with Magnus," Sophie said, nodding her blonde head towards the walls [...]

Cinco de Mayo . . . er, der Fünfte Mai
"So what the heck is a taco, really?" asked Maria, David's girlfriend. It was with great fanfare that the owners of the Thuringen Gardens added real honest-to-god tacos to their menu in May of 1634. May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, was to be celebrated with a mariachi band, Mexican food, pi-atas, Mexican-style candies, cotton candy [...]

Continuing Serials

Joseph Hanauer, Part Three: All Creatures Stand in Judgment
10th of Tamuz, 5391 ( July 10, 1631 )The trip by cart from Grantville to a wooded hillside above Magdala had only taken a day. Seen from the hillside, the village looked large. Yossie had expected Magdala to be a tiny place, but if it had been walled, he would have called it a small [...]

Stretching Out, Part Three: Maria's Mission
Grantville, September 1633"You've heard the news, Mevrouw Vorst?" David de Vries brandished a folded copy of the Grantville Times. Maria Vorst turned to face him. "Who hasn't, Captain? Is it really as bad as the papers say?""Probably worse. Over sixty warships destroyed by French and English treachery. " To a Dutch captain, especially one with [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Soundings and Sextants, Part One, Navigational Instruments Old and New
In Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, the tyrannical senior midshipman, Mr. Simpson, given a navigation problem by the sailing master, computes the ship's position as being in Central Africa. The captain acidly praises him for discovering the source of the Nile. Poor Hornblower, the most junior midshipman, is the only one with the correct answer; "everybody else [...]

Second Hand Help
In Grantville Gazette, Volume 10, vaccinations in the 1632 universe were discussed as something Grantville would introduce to early modern Europe and beyond. Vaccinations are an extremely useful and beneficial healthcare innovation both from the societal and personal perspective. Widespread use of vaccinations can prevent many different diseases which were the major killers in the [...]

Metallic Fusion: Putting it Together in 1632
The construction of machines and devices requires that sections of material be attached to each other. This can be accomplished by friction, adhesives, mechanical connections, and welding. Down-time fastening methods were mostly mechanical. That is the methods depended on adhesion (stuff sticking together) created by means of a device compressing the parts together. Screws, rivets, [...]

Radio Killed the Video Star: Mass Communication Development in the 1632 Universe
As we have seen so far in both fiction ("Waves of Change" Grantville Gazette, Volume 9) and non-fiction (articles by Rick Boatright and others), the mass media of radio and television are bringing big changes to seventeenth century Europe. In this essay, I will explore the creative and commercial aspects of radio and television, and [...]


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