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1632 Fiction

The Anaconda Project, Episode Two
Chapter 2 “You look tired, Melissa,” said Judith Roth sympathetically. She gestured to a luxurious divan in the great salon of the Roth mansion. “Please, have a seat.”Melissa Mailey went over to the divan, hobbling a little from the effects of the ten-day journey from Grantville, and plopped herself down. Her companion James Nichols remained [...]

The Truth According to Buddha
"Hey, Jimmy Dick." Bubba sidled up to the bar and waited for Jimmy to order him a beer. It was Thursday and Bubba was broke. "You hear about the horrible way the school treated preacher Wiley's kid?""No. What happened?""He was up there giving his Indian arrow presentation and they flat kicked him out in the [...]

Protected Species
Summer of 1634"All right everyone, hold real still!" The small group of third graders froze, looks of excitement on their faces. What great kids! There was movement in the tall reeds along the edges of the narrow inlet; once a West Virginia hollow, now an arm of a tree lined lake formed by a Thuringian [...]

Nothing's Ever Simple
Grantville, December 1633"That's probably about the best we can do." Roberta Sutter looked at the stacks of paper on the table in front of her with considerable dissatisfaction."We've interviewed everyone in town," Sandra Prickett said. "We've made them look for family Bibles and scrapbooks and newspaper clippings and birth certificates and applications for delayed birth [...]

The Ear of the Beholder
"No way, man, I thought they were Brits!""Way, dude. They were Brits. But their first record was in German." Danny grunted to signify that was settled. "Not only that, but it was recorded in Paris.""France?""Is there any other?""Well, not any more there isn't." Carson chuckled. Danny nodded in agreement.Colby shook his head. "Man, that Rishloo [...]

Sailing Upwind
  Late September 1633   "Sally, did Mr. Pridmore say where he was going?" Reva leaned toward the young receptionist, to keep the conversation a little more private. Reva worried about Marlon. He hadn't been eating or sleeping well for the last week. Just like he had last September, he'd gotten moody and irritated. And [...]

A Tinker's Progress
Jack Jones made his way into the sleepy little town of Elstow, about a mile south of Bedford in Bedfordshire, home to perhaps five hundred souls—give or take half a hundred. There was a notable stone cross in the center of town where he stopped to survey for a tinker's shop. "A bloody tinker!" he [...]

I am no ordinary assassin. As one of the foreign agents of the Most Serene Republic, it is my task to bring our wayward glassmakers back into the fold. I prefer the carrot to the stick, and the stick to the dagger. But if need demands it, I am an assassin. In Normandy, I left [...]

Continuing Serials

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Five, The Dog and Pony Show
Natasha alighted from the carriage at her family's dacha outside of Moscow, along with her aunt, Sofia Petrovna. Both were wearing full regalia, "dressed to the nines," as Bernie put it. Aunt Sofia served as her chaperone, necessary in Moscovy's culture. While her brother, Vladimir Petrovich, was away in Grantville, someone had to assume responsibility [...]

Joseph Hanauer, Part Two: These Things Have No Fixed Measure
12th of Sivan, 5391 ( June 12, 1631 )As Yossie walked down the road Thursday morning, he was struck by an unlikely fact. His surroundings no longer shocked him. When he'd arrived in Grantville, the well-painted houses made of sawn planks had seemed very alien. Now, only a week later, he was living in such [...]

1632 Non Fiction

The Wooden Wonders of Grantville
The "Wooden Wonder" (or "Timber Terror") of World War II was the De Havilland Mosquito, a highly successful aircraft, made primarily from wood, used in both fighter and bomber configurations. The fact that it competed effectively with aluminum-based aircraft shows that it is a mistake to discount wood as an important resource for the USE. [...]

A lot has been said in the various 1632 discussion threads on Baen's Bar, as well as in print, about how early modern Europe's populace really weren't too different from people of today. They were technically adept, given the tools that they had, so they would have been able to reproduce a great deal of [...]

Guilds 101
Guilds had a long history. Depending upon your exact definition, a form of guilds can be traced back over 4,000 years. By the twentieth century all but a few guilds had disappeared and the handful that remain had altered greatly. A major factor in their disappearance was industrialization.The following is a very basic outline applicable [...]


The Doodlebugger
Wietze Oil Field, near Celle, in the Duchy of Calenberg Early, 1634"Hans, dammit! Where's the report on the new mine cars?""In a moment, sir." Hans started rummaging through the files, at first calmly, then more frantically. "I am sure it's here somewhere.""Perhaps it'll be faster for me to just open the window and yell. There's [...]

Sunday Driver
GrantvilleJuly, 1634Father Nicholas Smithson stood by the side door and shook hands after early mass at Saint Mary's Catholic Church. Father Athanasius Kircher was greeting parishioners coming out of the main door, but some always left by the quicker route.He smiled as he saw three faces that had been missing for a month. "Lolly Aossey! [...]

July 1634Father Nicholas Smithson, S.J., cleared his throat for the third time. Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned back against the wall of St. Mary's rectory. After a pause, he cleared his throat for the fourth time.With obvious reluctance, Father Athanasius Kircher, S.J., lifted his head from looking at the top sheet in [...]

The Spark of Inspiration
Neil O'Connor looked over at Johan. "Say what ever you like, man, that girl is fine." He continued to turn the spark plug wrench as he talked. "She may be pretty but she is too forward, I think," Albrecht Knopf said. "She is becoming too American in her attitudes." Neil pulled the plug and glanced [...]

Supply and Demand
Tink tink tink . . . The little yellow screwdriver rang against the side of the Cora's mug as Father Nicholas Smithson sat silently in the rectory kitchen. "Why so glum, Nick?"Father Nicholas Smithson looked up from staring into his coffee mug to see his good friend walking in. "I was hearing confession, Gus." "Well, it was [...]

The Saale Industrial Zone, winter 1633-34 Larry Karickhoff turned the key of the pickup. The engine fired a few times, backfired, and stopped. "What's the hold up, Larry? Day's over, everyone wants to get home," Johann Rademacher said. Larry tried the engine again, with the same result. "I dunno, Johann." He flicked the fuel gauge. [...]

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