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1632 Fiction

The Monster
The Eagle Flies   Magdalena van de Passe stood outside the building and stared. She paid not the slightest attention to what was going on around her; she had eyes only for the plane that was flying overhead. She had seen airplanes on TV, but she had seen dragons and giant apes on TV, too. [...]

The Anaconda Project, Episode One
Chapter 1. The Map“This is absurd,” said Morris Roth, as forcefully as he could. He had a bad feeling that wasn't very forceful at all, given that he was wearing an absurd costume—he thought it was absurd, anyway, although it was just standard seventeenth century courtier's clothing. The entire situation was absurd. A bit desperately, [...]

Through A Glass, Darkly
Magdeburg March 1635 Lieutenant Byron Chieske dropped into the visitor's chair in Captain Bill Reilly's office with a grunt. Reilly looked up from his paperwork with his eyebrows raised in a mild question. "The day that bad?" "No, just long. We had to bring Annie Grimmigwald in on assault charges." "Old Annie? How come?" Bill [...]

The Price of Dumplings
"Hey, John Ose, which one of these birds is the scrawniest?" Arch Pennock asked, eying the chickens.Janos Tamas stopped what he was doing and looked up from his place inside the open air market stall. Behind him were crates of live chickens. In front of him were half a dozen plucked, gutted birds, hanging head [...]

Thunder in the Mountains
Bern , Swiss Confederacy, Midwinter, 1634 The Inn of the Sleeping Mule"Thomas, are you sure this'll work? Those illustrated magazines of yours may have been explicit enough for you, but I've never seen a cannon with two open ends before. How does it fire and what are we going to do with it?" Giuseppe Benito-Fransoni [...]

Prelude The flash was so bright it pierced her closed eyelids, waking her from her nap. A thunderclap followed, Pam Miller felt the deep vibration even in bed. Spring storm, maybe I'll get up and watch the show. After a few minutes with no further drama offered by the April skies she went back to [...]

Domestic Violence
Jürgen Neubert was not a happy man. His promotion to patrolman first class at the end of last year had just added to his responsibilities. Now the grass was turning green and the flowers were starting to bloom and here he was, stuck in the office doing paper work. Not even his new trousers could [...]

Mrs. December, 1636
Justus Corneliszoon van Liede's smile was all teeth. Big teeth. Broad teeth. Dazzling teeth. Many men would have wanted to punch in his teeth at first sight. Many women would have been tempted to do the same. Flo Richards was different."Have another piece of cake, Herr van Liede." She daydreamed about the cavities that the [...]

Letters From France
Jena , Winter 1631-32 Henri Beaubriand-Lévesque watched the strange vehicle drive past. It was one of the up-timer horseless carriages everyone called an "APC." It was simply enormous, and noisy. Henri concentrated on absorbing all the details of the machine so he could draw it later. The vehicle had all but disappeared from view when [...]

January 1633, The Bristol Channel Anna Kettenacker tried to keep her eyes on the horizon. She'd been told that it would make her feel better. Her stomach tightened and she could taste bile surging up her throat. The sailor who had advised her to get out of the cabin and to stand amidships to minimize [...]

One Step Toward the Clouds
Hans Richter FieldNear Grantville December 1633Marie Moritz concentrated hard as she lined her plane up for final approach. The drone of the engines poured from the speakers next to the monitor as she fought a thirty mile-per-hour crosswind within a simulated Cessna. Although she routinely flew flights like this on her computer, she usually didn't [...]

Continuing Serials

Stretching Out, Part Two, Amazon Adventure
Belém do Pará, Estado do Maranhão (northern Brazil), Late 1632Like an arrow falling from heaven, the cormorant plunged into the waters of the Pará. For a few seconds it was lost from sight. Then it emerged triumphantly, a fish in its mouth. Two gulls spotted the capture and winged over, no doubt hoping to snatch [...]

1632 Non Fiction

My Name is Legion: Copying the Books of Grantville
No down-time visitor can fail to be amazed by the libraries of Grantville. In 1633, Maestro Giacomo Carissimi, writes that the high school has "a library that seems to come out of long-forgotten myths. A fabulous place for the number and for the stunning quality of many of the books." (Toro, "Euterpe, Episode 3," Grantville [...]

Flying the Virtual Skies: A Brief History and 1632 Perspective on Flight Simulation
For almost as long as there has been flight, there have been simulators to assist in training would-be pilots in the art of flying. They have evolved from primitive mechanical trainers to electronic cockpits.With Grantville leading the creation of an air force in the 1632 universe, there will be a demand for flight simulators. The [...]

So You Want to Build the Internet: IP Communicatons in 1633
The internet, as we all know, is a complex beast. It depends on a wide variety of technologies to deliver a wide variety of information over a large number of different computing devices. So, how feasible is it to build an internet in the 1632 Universe? Less difficult than you might think, depending on what [...]

Grantville Police Department
In 2000, the Grantville Police Department was a typical small town police department. It consisted of a chief and five patrolmen, and a sworn juvenile officer. A study of the books 1632 and 1633 and a visit to the Grid reveals their names and ages. Police: Dan Frost (47; chief of police)Ralph Onofrio, Jr. (42; [...]

Aircraft in the 1632 Universe
The essence of the Ring of Fire was the knowledge, ideas and information that it provided to the Early Modern period. Perhaps the least predictable aspect of the Ring of Fire was the order of inventing. In our own history the railroad (1804) came a century before the airplane (1903). Now, I know someone is [...]


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