Vol. 11, May 2007

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1632 Fiction

Wish Book
"Gary Jordan!" Gary Jordan Burke flinched. He almost always flinched when Joyce got to screeching. It was an automatic response to her high-pitched, overly-loud voice. You'd think the woman thought everyone was deaf. "Gary Jordan!" "Yes, dear?" "Go downtown and get some more paper scrap. We're nearly out." "Yes, dear." Gary suppressed a sigh. Still, [...]

O For a Muse of Fire
O for a muse of fire, that would ascendThe brightest heaven of invention! —Shakespeare, Henry VAndreas Gryphius, born Greif, waited outside the door to Amber Higham's office. He knew he hadn't done anything wrong, knew that that was not why the high school's drama teacher wanted to talk to him, but Andreas always felt a [...]

Winter 1631-32, JenaCatherine Mutschler made her way carefully through the winter mud. She was tired and listless after being kept up most of the night by Maria, her three-year-old daughter. She'd finally managed to settle Maria only by feeding her the last of the bread mixed with thin soup, but that meant Catherine had only [...]

Second Thoughts
Grantville, October 1634Noelle Murphy rode into Grantville just before noon. It was well after dusk when she finished the in-box that had been waiting for her. People had started dropping things into it a month earlier, as soon as they found out she was coming back from Franconia. She looked at the note from her [...]

Pilgrimage of Grace
(You can buy a Cora's coffee mug and more at the 1632 Cafe Press Store.) “They're not taking what happened in Suhl last January out on Johnny Lee's family because they can't. His dad's been dead for thirty years. His mother wasn't from around here to start with and she moved back to Ohio after [...]

A Gift of Blankets
Quarantine House Alpha, Grantville, 1632"How do we feel today?" Katharina Anna Schrey asked Quarantine House Alpha's most important patient.John Thompson Sims looked up from his sick bed. "Lousy!" Katharina smiled down at the elderly doctor. He'd been her friend and mentor since she started the long course of training that would eventually qualify her as [...]

Land of Ice and Sun
The match was tied at four games apiece when I looked up and saw the priest talking to Esteban's navigator, Luke Foxe. He was a strange looking fellow. Oh, he wore the clothing of a priest, but his face was too dark and his cheekbones too high to be a Spaniard or a Basque. He [...]

Lessons in Astronomy
"Your Eminence, I'm fluent in Latin, German and Italian. My French is passable. My Greek is a little weak and I've forgotten most of the smattering of Hebrew the seminary inflicted on me." Father Scheiner knew he shouldn't be taking that tone with a prince of the church, but it was just so frustrating. So [...]

The Treasure Hunters
March, 2000 The librarian stamped the book and handed it across the desk. "This is a grown-up book, Mikey. It came all the way from a library in Richmond and you can only have one renewal on it. It must be back by April sixteenth."Michael Arthur Tyler grabbed the book before she could change her [...]

Bathing With Coal
Fall, 1633"Barnabas Kitchner! Wake up! It's Tuesday morning and you have to buy wood for the bathhouse fire."The thirty-eight year-old man rolled over in bed and opened one eye. His wife, Margarete Lutsch, was already dressed and standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.Tuesday. People bathed on Saturday and Tuesday in this [...]

Azrael's Bargain
"Hey, Jimmy. Why don't I ever see you down at the rail yard anymore?" It was a cold winter night and Club 250 had its every-night regulars and as many more folks who weren't. The young man talking to Jimmy Dick was one of the latter. Jimmy Dick gazed down the length of his beer [...]

Continuing Serials

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Four
Yaroslavich Dacha, outside of Moscow   A Dissertation on the Value of Freedom and Security "Those that give up their freedom for a little temporary security deserve neither freedom or security and ultimately will lose both." So goes an up-time quote. This humble writer doesn't know if that's true or not. It is demonstrably true [...]

Stretching Out, Part One: Second Starts
Grantville, May 2, 1632 "Race time ten minutes," blared the speaker. The murmur of the fairground crowd rose, and then subsided. "I can't believe you talked me into this," Maria Vorst said. Maria had come to Grantville with her brother Adolph, the curator of the Leiden Botanical Gardens, and a member of the faculty of [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Hither and Yon: Transportation Modes, Costs and Infrastructure in 1632 and after
"If a man . . . make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door." If Emerson really said that, well, he was a philosopher, not a merchant. The up-timers of Grantville may know where oil can be struck, or how [...]

Steam: Taming the Demon
DISCLAIMER This article is not intended to provide all the information needed to design and build actual boilers. Many skills and cross checks are needed to ensure the safe design and construction of pressure vessels. This article is to promote the understanding of steam technology, and to provide a useful framework for writing stories set [...]

Grantville Gazette 11
Wow. Who knew?Back in 2000, when Eric Flint's novel 1632 was published, who even considered the possibility that nearly three million words dedicated to a 1632 series would have been published by 2007?Eric didn't, since he'd written it as a stand-alone novel.Nevertheless, here we are. Grantville Gazette, Volume 11, our first pro issue. As usual, [...]

Adventures in Transportation:An Examination of Drags, Carts, Wagons and Carriages Available in the 17th century
The intention of this piece is to acquaint the 1632 aficionados with the types of wheeled and non-wheeled land transport available for moving heavy and bulky items. Considering that the up-timers will have a variety of old horse-drawn wagons and a few buggies, I have not limited the scope to things available in the 17th [...]


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