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1632 Fiction

Twenty-eight Men
January, 1635The cold wind cut through to the very core of the men as they walked to the entrance of the mine. It was dark, well before dawn, in the dead time of the night. The cold was complete, a January cold, dry, harsh and sharp. Soon they would be down in the dark and [...]

On The Matter of D'Artagnan
"Charlton Heston or Tim Curry?" mused Cardinal Richelieu.Since there was no one else in the room, the chief minister to His Majesty Louis XIII of France was speaking for his own benefit. Richelieu sat in a large chair behind the huge desk that dominated the room serving as his office. Two candelabra provided more than [...]

The Launcher
Bern, Swiss Confederacy, Early Spring, 1634"Will this spot work?""Looks high enough." A few steps toward the edge of the cliff let Peter gaze down toward the ever—but slowly—growing lake below. The lake, cut out of the fast-flowing River Aare, had been intended to slow the river down as it passed the city and allow for [...]

The Prepared Mind
"Chance favors the prepared mind." Louis PasteurGrantville, May 1632When Amy Kubiak walked into the biology classroom, Lori Fleming had her head on her desk. Amy smiled. Pete Farmer had been a good biology teacher when Amy had had him in high school. But now that she was working to become a teacher herself, she knew [...]

Fiddling Stranger
August 1633Dolf was the first in his farming village to notice the stranger. Not that strangers walking or riding past on their way to or from Aschersleben were unusual. He was ten, old enough to have finished his formal schooling, or so his father said. "Got your letters and your ciphering, lad. That's all any [...]

The Salon
"Ah . . . " The sound of a throat clearing drew Heather's attention away from the paperwork on her desk at Trommler Records. "Hey, Jacob. What's up?" "It is Thursday, Heather. I wanted to leave about three so I can attend the salon." "Salon?" "The salon at Rachel Hill's house. Surely you've heard of it? People [...]

NCIS: Lies, Truths and Consequences
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."John 8:32Naval HeadquartersMagdeburg Navy YardMagdeburg, USE 0900 Hours LocalIn the charming vernacular of his time, the admiral was ready to have kittens. The tension in his office was thick enough to cut with a dagger and if I'd had my druthers, I wouldn't be [...]

None So Blind
Magdeburg January, 1635 The slap knocked Willi sprawling, eyes watering with pain. He had to bite his lip hard to keep from crying out. "Five nothings!" Willi felt Uncle's hand grab the back of his rags and haul him up. The hand shook him so hard he felt like a pea rattling in a cup. [...]

Grand Tour
My name is Mister Thomas Hobbes. If you are one of the Americans from the future, you know me as a political philosopher, the praised and reviled author of Leviathan. If you are a fellow down-timer, in this Year of Our Lord 1633, then you probably don't know me yet at all. Unless you have [...]

A Filthy Story
Daniel Pedersson cursed, and swung the entrenching tool again. It went splat instead of crack, again, and he cursed some more. Not that swearing helped; he was already covered in filthy sewage slush beyond all imagination. The supply depot's jury-rigged sewer system had worked fine all summer, but now the outlet had frozen solid and [...]

Little Angel
Grantville, January 1634Maria Helena Kolb slowly searched the line of trees. Somewhere, hidden in the shadows, she was sure Benji Matheny was hiding in ambush. Time to send in the cannon fodder. "Daisy, Regina, when I give you the word, I want you to run around that tree over there and, if you find Benji, [...]

Star Crossed
"Yoo hoo! Manuel!" When Emmanuel Onofrio heard Verlinda Fritz yoohooing down the hall, his mind yelled, "Run!" He was looking forward to a quiet, restful lunch in the teacher's lounge. Keeping the rowdy kids in line so the others could learn seemed to get harder year by year and week by week. He gritted his [...]

Continuing Serials

The Doctor Phil Chronicles:  Doctor Phil's Family
Dr. Gribbleflotz' office, HDG Enterprizes, JenaPhillip took the next letter from his inbox. It was marked personal, and checking the back, he could see it was from his American friend, Jonathan Fortney. He broke the seal and started reading. He had to smile. Jonathan could be quite droll. The suggestion that his new wife might [...]

Franconia!  Part 1
Grantville, February 1634"No, no, no, no, no, no, n-o-o-o-o." Amber Higham threw both of her hands up in the air.The class came to a stop."This unit worked last year. It worked like a charm. Why isn't it working this year?" She glared at her students. "So, tell me! We're using a down-time period play. We're [...]

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part 3:  Boris, Natasha . . . But Where's Bullwinkle
"Order Kameroff to take his battalion to the west." The barely bearded Russian wearing two stars on his collar moved his finger along the map, over a set of hills then northwest along a river. "He is to take dispatch riders and notify us at the first sign of the enemy." "Yes sir," said the [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Assistant Editor's Preface
Eric said, in the preface to Grantville Gazette Volume Five:"Sigh. Not one of these stories deals with Ye Big Picture. Not one of them fails to wallow in the petty details of Joe or Dieter or Helen or Ursula's angst-ridden existence.Pure, unalloyed, soap opera, what it is."And we continue in our grand soap operatic tradition [...]

The Feast
Guildmaster B in a fair-sized northern European town is giving a party to celebrate his second son's engagement to the daughter of another guildmaster. Come and let me show you what's going on.The StreetThe street leading past the house is not one of the main streets through the town, so it's paved with un-cut cobbles. [...]

Crude Penicillin: Potential and Limitations
"That which we know frequently impedes us in acquiring new knowledge." Claude Bernard (1813-1878), French physiologist.Background and Early History of Penicillin The Age of Disinfection began with the work of Pasteur and Lister in the 1860s and 1870s. While this initial work focused on external disinfection, doctors and scientists were soon looking for ways to [...]

All Roads Lead. . . .
A seventeenth-century visitor might well think that all roads lead to Grantville, not Rome, because down-time roads pale by comparison. "Captain Gars," riding on Route 250, noted its "perfect flatness," and considered it to be "the finest road he had ever seen in his life." (1632, Chap. 57). Rebecca Abrabanel likewise was amazed by the [...]

Herd Immunity
Life, disease and death in the 1630sImagining life in a small town in Germany in the 1630s is difficult for the average twenty-first century dweller. Picture awaking from an interrupted night's sleep, courtesy of the local swine brawling in the alley below your bedroom window. Extracting yourself carefully from between the siblings sharing the bed [...]


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