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1632 Fiction

Those Daring Not So Young Men
"Thank you for coming.""Of course we came, lass.""At least it's over now.""Over? What's over?""This steam nonsense.""Tisn't nonsense, lass. Your grandfather died because he got the last bit working.""It's still nonsense, Mr Iverson." She pointed at the "monster" in the work-yard. "What does it do that the mill doesn't do now?" (more…)

Try, Try Again
"It isn't right." Marie lowered her eyes so that her employer wouldn't see the glare she couldn't suppress. "Ma'am, I did what the package said to do. Twice." She picked up the container of Spirits of Hartshorn and tried to get Frau Werrin to look at it. The Frau ignored her pointing finger. "If these [...]

Under the Tuscan Son
November, 1633Curzio Inghirami had learned a great deal during his visit to Grantville, but he now was back home at Villa Scornello, the family seat. It was a few miles outside of Volterra, a town in the grand duchy of Tuscany. He beckoned to one of the family servants. "Tell Father that Lucrezia and I [...]

Water Wings
Somewhere in the North SeaThe line arcing off the boat kinked between deck and water. Eric, watching for just that, yelled to the crew uncoiling the stiff hose, "Hold it! Back it up!" Then the kink swelled a bit. Eric screamed, "Back it up! Back it up now!"Before the offending line could be pulled back [...]

Wismar, Germany March, 1635Flight had taken hold of Johann Rommel. Since the thirty-something merchant from Wismar first saw the American air force in action last October, he had decided he wanted one of their strange flying beasts, something they called an air craft, for himself. After several months of designing, waiting, and building the machine, [...]

Wings on the Mountain
The regulars left the table nearest the fire when the strangers came in. At the base of the Matterhorn summer nights are chilly, so a fire is welcome starting in the late afternoon. Strangers paid much higher prices for everything and the whole village, not just the innkeeper, profited. Everyone made strangers welcome.The four outlanders [...]

Tool or Die
Late January, 1632 Martin Schmidt walked briskly down the Tech Center hallway, his mind full of plans. The thread rolling machine was working well and he was eager to take the next step and build a drop forge.A drop forge needed a source of power to raise the ram. The thread-rolling machine used a salvaged [...]

Waves of Change
"I WANT TO LISTEN!!!" Joseph screamed, making it impossible for anyone to listen. "For God's sake, girl. Let your brother listen to the damned thing." "But, Papa . . . " Marie couldn't help the whine in her voice. Papa raised his hand. Marie decided to let her brat of a six-year-old brother listen to the radio. [...]

Those Not So Daring
BANG!!!Karen leaned her head towards the cellar. No more explosions were forthcoming. "The boards worked.""Yes. It appears that one doesn't shatter another now.""Four dozen bottles all at once. But now that we've got a better judge of the amount of sugar to use, and how to wire in the corks . . . " (more…)

The Order of the Foot
Grantville Police Department OfficesA Monday morning, early winter 1634"We've had another complaint about Bigfoot, Chief. This time over by the fairgrounds where the locals store their flocks before they can be sold and then processed at the slaughterhouse." Officer Ralph Onofrio looked up from his cup of coffee with a smile. "A farmer is saying [...]

Those Daring Young Men
The door into the building opened, spilling young men and sunlight into the space. "Rotgut, Henrich, all around. And the paint.""We're out of the Grantville Rotgut. You'll have to make do with the Italian version.""As long as it's corn liquor, and burns, it will do."Heinrich scanned the faces, quickly assessing who was missing. "Johan?" He [...]

Pocket Money
Kloee glared at Emery, as Dakota held up a dried cob. "So this is the big deal you found to get us some extra money?" Kloee and her kin were meeting in Papaw Murray's barn because it was the one place they could go without some adult looking over their shoulders. Kin in this case [...]

The Minstrel Boy
Saturday morning, February 1634 "Well, that's that." Bill Frank lowered the hood of the new rail engine. "Though I have no idea how we're going to deliver it." Hagen Filss, who had been handing him tools, responded, "Maybe when Sergeant Hatfield and Private Schultz get back they will know, Herr Frank."Warrant Officer Frank looked over [...]

Little Jammer Boys
The terrified servant handed the message to Johnny von Sachsen as he and his younger brother, Augi, entered the elector's palace in Dresden. It was terse and to the point. Come to my bedchambers. Now. In their father's handwriting. John George I, Elector of Saxony, was not a subtle man. "Wonderful." Johnny heard the disgust [...]

The black hull towered above Monsieur De Roche. It was the pinnacle of his dreams and the final blow to his shipyard. Copper cladding gleamed in the late afternoon sun. The loans to buy that alone would sink him. The ship hung above his head, supported for a quarter of its length on the slip. [...]

The Transmitter
"But the article says that Monsieur Bell's selenium cells had a resistance of one hundred to three hundred ohms!" Piair La Corrian pointed imperiously at a pile of papers on his desk. "That's a variation of two hundred watts. With one positive and the next negative, four hundred watts. If we run four mirrors on [...]

Safe at First Base
"I tell you, I saw it in the movie. Plain as the nose on your face. And you have a large nose, Johan. The up-time device looked just like this—""Heinrich. Listen to yourself. Movies are like dreams; they are not real. This is reality." With that, Johan pointed over the edge of the precipice, a [...]

Mail Stop
Home, Sweet HomeFrankfurt am Main, March 1633Martin Wackernagel drew up his horse, first looking back at the route he had just completed and then forward toward the walls of Frankfurt am Main.Via regia. Die Reichsstraße. There would never be anything to equal the Imperial Road. Sure, if you wanted to be prosaic, it was just [...]

NCIS -Young Love Lost
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George OrwellI rode to the crime scene in the early morning calm of Magdeburg's streets. It was not difficult to find. The area, surrounded by the flickering light of torches, oil storm lamps, and at [...]

Fly Like a Bird
Paul Meinhart left Grantville in the autumn of 1632, but not before he spent several months in the Grantville jail. He'd been imprisoned for such a stupid little thing, yet the Americans had treated him like a murderer. The one good thing that came out of his imprisonment had been knowledge. He couldn't read English. [...]

Anna the Baptist
December, 1634 Julio stacked clean glasses under the bar. "Damn it Ken! I don't know what's got you riled but I'm sick of it! Back off or I'm goin' home. I don't have t' have this job. I only took it to help you out."Julio didn't mention his fear of losing his regular job to [...]

A Matter Of Taste
The dining hall of a military leased house, Magdeburg, 1634Cory Joe Lang looked down at his empty place mat. He had a bad feeling about the group's latest action. There had been mutterings about the food before, but this time they'd sent it back untouched. Even he hadn't been prepared to try Chef Magnus' latest [...]

If At First You Don't Succeed . . .
"That will never work." Margaret looked up at her younger brother, Nathan, and stuck her tongue out at him. "Says you. And what do you know, what with all your years of experience?" "Pa says it won't work. And you've wasted your time. Time you could have been doing something more useful." Nathan was only [...]

It was quiet. Way too quiet. Of all the things Trent Haygood hated about the seventeenth century, the quiet was the worst. He missed the sounds of engines. Internal combustion engines. Hell, he'd be happy with some noise from a steam engine. As he sat on the front porch of his parents' home, he leaned [...]

Continuing Serials

Butterflies In the Kremlin, Episode 2: A 'Merican in Moscow
Spring, 1633   "Home," Boris sighed then waved at the white stone walls of the Kremlin which stood sixty feet tall and dominated the mostly wooden city of Moscow. Bernie Zeppi, after the long trip, didn't care if it was home or not. Didn't care about the view. He just wanted in out of the [...]

The Essen Chronicles, Part 3: Trip to Paris
Chapter OneOctober 1632 was an eventful month for Josh and Colette Modi. Their first wedding anniversary prompted Colette to make an appointment with Doctor Adams for her first ever gynecological exam, but it was early Ocotober of 1632 before the doctor could fit her into his schedule. "So," Doc Adams said after the exam, "everything [...]

At the Cliff's Edge
Friedrich Adelsohn, Captain of the Third Company of the Mounted Constabulary of the State of Thuringia-Franconia, stared at the ox. The ox stared right back. After a moment, it lowered its gaze, and resumed its attempts to convert the roadside into a nicely trimmed lawn. Friedrich wished that, like Siegfried in the Volsunga Saga, he [...]

1632 Non Fiction

White Gold
As the gentle winds blow, you look out from the veranda of your plantation house over the acres of sugar cane. What you see isn't fields of cane. What you see is fields of gold. The white gold called sugar, slowly growing to maturity. In Pernambuco in the early seventeenth century, there was nothing that [...]

The Daily Beer
The Importance of BeerBeer was food. Before the potato arrived in Northern and Central Europe, barley, rye and oats were the main sources of nutrients. Of these, barley was the easiest and most robust crop. Barley isn't that good as bread or porridge, so almost the entire harvest was brewed into beer. Beer was—and is—made [...]

Radio in 1632, Part 3
In our two previous discussions of telecommunications in the 1632 series, we focused on radio communications uniquely available to up-timers ("Radio in the 1632 Universe," Grantville Gazette, Volume One), and to wired communications ("So You Want to do Telecommunications in 1633," Grantville Gazette, Volume Two). In this article we will discuss radio options available to [...]

The Sound of Mica
It is the year 1634, and the Voice of America is on the air. Since the VOA is an AM (amplitude modulation) radio station, speech and music are encoded as fluctuations in the amplitude (intensity) of a radio-frequency carrier wave. The radio waves, emanating from the Great Stone Radio Tower, spread across the German countryside, [...]

A Tempest In a Baptistry
The question of re-baptism and the distress it caused in the sixteen hundreds, including what has at times been described as bloody murder, is still with us.In 1965, President Johnson's daughter Luci was re-baptized into the Roman Catholic Church. While most of the world took no notice of the event, it created a very big [...]


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