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1632 Fiction

Not a Princess Bride
James Richard, or Jimmy Dick, Shaver (known to his close associates, and almost everyone else, as Dickhead) was in the grocery store. The old drunk was not there buying food. Most of his calories came from beer, followed by pretzels. Yes, believe it or not, despite the Ring of Fire, the Club 250 still sold [...]

A Question of Faith
Grantville, June 1633“Could I have a word with you, Father Johannes?”Johannes Grunwald jumped up from the table with a gasp and spun around quickly, sending several maps and notes to the floor. “Sorry, I wasn't expecting anybody. It's rather late.” He looked at the elegant young man in the doorway, and relaxed slightly. He had [...]

Prince and Abbot
This Troublesome Monk Fulda, December 1632“Maybe they should have held the battle of Luetzen last month after all,” Wes Jenkins said. “Just have kept Gustavus Adolphus out of it. Up-time, it seems to have cleared a whole batch of people off the playing board that we could just as well have done without.”“Pappenheim?” Harlan Stull [...]

I Got My Buck
Herman sat at the fire, obviously enjoying its heat. When Wili sat beside him, he looked over at his friend. "What's tomorrow going to be like, I wonder. I hear these Swedes have some help from that Grantville place." Wili twisted the stick he was holding. "I once met a man who claimed he'd been [...]

Flight 19 to Magdeburg
PrologueLiving RoomCaptain and Frau McIntosh's quartersFormerly 1SGT and Mrs. Hudson's residenceGrantville, SoTF, USESpring 1635, 0955 hours localBritt Strausswirt was bored. A day after being released from the Leahy Medical Center, she rested her badly sprained left ankle on the ottoman that her host's wife, Gertrude McIntosh, had thoughtfully provided before departing for the market. Her [...]

Rolling On
January 1632 "Master Ritterhof, Master Eisenbach, may I present my staff?" Martin asked, conscious of the scuffling sounds behind him. He heard Max hiss something at Jakob followed by a 'thwack.' "Certainly, Master Schmidt. Certainly." Master Blacksmith Bruno Ritterhof smiled in return, politely ignoring the apprentices' bustle. "Master Eisenbach and I have been looking forward [...]

Dear Sir
Dear Sir: You do not know me, but a mutual acquaintance has assured me that you are a man of superior integrity and utmost discretion. It is because of this that I approach you in my hour of most desperate need. My name is Kent Ketchum, and I am a resident of Grantville. I was [...]

Capacity For Harm
Belfort, Franche Comté, 1633 “So, Herr Doctor Lebenenergie. You designed this yourself?”“Not exactly, Commissioner Vaden.” Tomas cursed himself for ever thinking that coming to Belfort would be profitable. He knew that Franche Comté was rife with witch hunts again, but he just needed some extra copper wire and plates for his second machine. Those could [...]

The Sons of St. John
The wind blowing in from the Atlantic was cold. It often was on the west coast of Scotland, even in summer. The crude stone shepherd's hut where Brother Aidan and his three fellow monks sat kept the wind out for the most part, but it was far from warm and cozy.He glanced around nervously at [...]

The Painter's Gambit
October 1633Birgit's mother had warned her not to take any food or drink from boys, not to answer any of their questions, and, most especially, not to smile at them. Birgit had dutifully agreed. Unfortunately, she broke all three rules the same day.Birgit and her friends Anna and Barbel had gone to Halberstadt to enjoy [...]

Three Innocuous Words
White vapor was blowing out of Hudson's nostrils that frosty mid-morning in late December. Chip Jenkins rode his horse around the small snow-covered copse of trees and saw the von Ruppersdorf manor that Katerina had finally finished building this year. He'd been looking forward to this day for almost two months, ever since he'd last [...]

Continuing Serials

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part 1: A Russian Noble
Spring, 1632   Boris Ivanovich Petrov pulled the horse to a stop and looked around. "This place is almost worth the trip. See the cuts in the earth where the land was changed. Look at these hills. The structure is different from those outside the ring. Everything inside this Ring of Fire is different." Vladimir [...]

Joseph Hanauer, Part One: Into the Very Pit of Hell
Fifteenth of Iyyar, 5391 (May 17, 1631) The congregation for the Saturday evening service at the close of the Sabbath filled the small synagogue in Hammelburg. Several out-of-town visitors brought the number well above the minimum of ten men required for the service. It was not a congregation that placed great value on formality or [...]

The Doctor Gribbleflotz Chronicles, Part 3: Doctor Phil's Distraction
April 1635, The rectory, St. Martin's in the Fields. South of Rudolstadt Yesterday I helped Stepmama turn Papa's old Geneva gown. We unpicked the seams, darned threads to reinforce the worst worn spots and re-dyed the fabric before hand sewing it back together, with what was formerly the inside now out. With a new detachable [...]

The Essen Steel Chronicles, Part 2: Louis de Geer
July, 1631 Louis de Geer refolded the letters from his niece in Grantville. Interesting information, he thought. But he was a powerful and busy man, much like a four-masted battleship. Battleships do not change course easily or on a whim. Verification of Colette's claims was the first order of business.The person Louis de Geer turned [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Aluminum: Will O' the Wisp?
There is no doubt that aluminum is a wonder metal. Pure aluminum has a density only about one-third of iron, it is as reflective as silver, and it is a good conductor of heat and electricity. When exposed to air, it quickly acquires a protective coating of aluminum oxide, which shields it from further corrosion. [...]

New France in 1634 and the Fate of North America
1634 was a pivotal year for the indigenous peoples of North America. It was in that year that the French Jesuit missionaries, in spite of their highest motives, set in motion a series of events that led ultimately to the destruction of those whom they came to both civilize and save for the greater glory [...]

Refrigeration and the 1632 World: Opportunities and Challenges
Barflies have an amazing working knowledge on a lot of subjects. They are, on the whole, a bunch of pretty bright people, having great fun playing at this "what-if" exercise that is Eric Flint's 1632 universe. Hanging out in cyberspace, and in real life with some of these 'flies, has been an educational, intellectually stimulating, [...]


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