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1632 Fiction

'Til We Meet Again
The worst thing about working for Mechanical Support was that the facilities were scattered out all over Grantville, even now, two and a half years after the Ring of Fire. They'd never been able to take the time to centralize them; they didn't really have any central place to put them if they had the [...]

Poor Little Rich Girls
"Will you two just give it up?" Heather asked, exasperated. "What good is that valley girl impersonation going to do you? No one here in Badenburg has ever heard of a valley girl." "For sure, Heather, for sure," Vicky Emerson answered. "We're just getting into character. Gotta play dumb for the marks, you know." "Like, [...]

One Man's Junk
Martin Schmidt paused, his spoon barely touching the stew. His stomach would have him attack the stew bowl like a starving wolf but his mind held him back. Carefully, he took one spoonful and then put his spoon down. A sip of beer helped but his hand shook slightly. Reminding himself he was a man, [...]

Magdeburg Marines: The Few And The Proud
The Hudson Residence City of Grantville Thuringia Region, Germany Monday, 6 December 1632 AD 1600 hours local "Well, can you repair it?" Charles "Duke" Hudson asked the question to the pair of legs sticking out from under his sink. He was a tall, no-nonsense middle-aged man whose brown buzz cut hair had gone mostly to [...]

Frank Jackson took a swallow of beer and settled back into his chair. "Ah," he said. "Nothing better than beer on a summer day. Now, about the transportation problem we were discussing, Dan, we're going to have to support a larger army in the field. We've done pretty well with the vehicles around here so [...]

Dice's Drawings
To hell with them all. Dice had lost his Karen, forty-five years of hard work, twenty years as a damned Linotype operator and twenty-five as a damned pressman after the damned computers had taken his damned job away. God how he hated that pressman's job! A quarter century hauling paper and permanently stained fingers, but [...]

Chip's Christmas Gift
Chip and Joachim had just finished working out with quarterstaffs, six-foot-long hardwood sticks, at the von Thierbach estate manor, absorbing a new collection of bruises to join those of the previous two days. Chip wanted to practice techniques he'd previously learned in the army and Joachim simply wanted to gain another weapon in the event [...]

The Class Of '34
The High School Stables "Isn't that JoAnn's horse you have there?" asked Matt Tisdel, walking towards Liz Manning who was saddling her horse. Liz ignored the interruption and continued slipping the headstall and bosal over Speedy's head. "I mean, you do know that's 'Speedy'? Does your sister know you have him out?" With a heavy [...]

Continuing Serials

Heavy Metal Music or Revolution in Three Flats
Grantville, March, 1633 Franz hissed in pain as his crippled hand was flexed, twisted and pulled by Dr. Nichols' strong fingers. Sweat beaded his forehead as he endured the testing manipulation. He sighed in relief when the doctor finally released it. "Sorry," Dr. Nichols said. "I know that hurt, but I had to see what [...]

1632 Non Fiction

How To Keep Your Old John Deere Plowing: Diesel Fuel Alternatives For Grantville 1631-1639
The Ring of Fire has left many of the farms around Grantville scrambling to train enough horses for the fall harvest. About half of the tractors that came through the Ring Of Fire were designed to burn gasoline and with the help of the agriculture department they will be converted to use pressurized natural gas [...]

How to build a Machine gun in 1634 with available technology: Two alternate views
Editor's note: The firearms round table that produces these articles on firearms doesn't always reach agreement on a specific issue. They didn't on this one, and asked me how to proceed. Since I don't see any reason the fictitious universe of the 1632 series should be any less contentious than the real one, I told [...]

Drillers In Doublets
I don't want to be critical of coal mining, especially not where Mike Stearns can hear me. But the fact remains that coal has some serious disadvantages, both as a fossil fuel and as a source of organic chemicals. Extracting coal is labor-intensive; you have to dig shafts and tunnels, keep the works from flooding, [...]

A Looming Challenge
Grantville needs people to work in the munitions factories. And the steel mill. And the brick factories. Where will they come from? Why, all those poor women who have to spin and weave all the time can be emancipated right away—just build a spinning jenny and power up those looms! Grantville needs more cloth, to [...]


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