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1632 Fiction

Hobson's Choice
Cambridge, England 1632 A.D. A hesitant knock at the door disturbed the summer afternoon of study and desultory argument."Who is it?" asked Thomas Healey. The door opened and a skinny but well dressed youth, much encumbered with baggage, stood in the dimly lit, cramped landing. Standing next to him, it was possible to make out [...]

If the Demons Will Sleep
There were still two hours until his appointment at the city hall. Istvan Janoszi was walking around Grantville at a rapid pace, watching it wake up on a Saturday morning. He had been thoroughly briefed before he came, so he knew that the pace of a Saturday should be somewhat different than the pace of [...]

Other People's Money
When Sarah Wendell had agreed to go out with David Bartley, it had seemed like a good idea at the time. She had totally forgotten that she was months away from her sixteenth birthday. The Wendell house rule was no dating till sixteen. Remembering that little detail hadn't been a problem when other boys asked [...]

Pastor Kastenmayer's Revenge
April, 1635Ludwig Kastenmayer would never forget the day. April 11, 1634, by the reckoning of these up-timers, who had adopted the pope's calendar. The day that one of them had stolen his daughter. It was the worst thing that had happened to him since Count Ludwig Guenther assigned him to the new parish of St. [...]

Postage Due
"You've got to be kidding." Anne Jefferson looked around the table in the big dining room of the USE's embassy in Amsterdam, at each of the other people sitting there. Immediately to her left sat Rebecca Abrabanel, the ambassador of the United States of Europe to the United Provinces. Sitting next to her, at the [...]

The Sound Of Music
Franz Sylwester, one-time violinist in the chapel of the arch-bishop of Mainz To Friedrich Braun, journeyman instrument crafter for Master Hans Riebeck, in Mainz On the nineteenth day of January in the year of our Lord 1633 Greetings, my friend, I am sure by now that you have despaired of hearing from your prodigal, but [...]

Hell Fighters
I: The Mission The monastery of Subiaco: Home of the Order of St. Benedict. "Brother Johann? The Fathers are ready."Brother Johann closed the small book he was studying and rose, straightening his black robe. While he had been aware of the gathering of Abbots, he had no idea why the assembled Abbots of the Order [...]

Continuing Serials

EUTERPE, episode 2
To Father Thomas Fitzherbert SJ of the Illustrissimus Collegium Anglicanum in Rome From Maestro Giacomo Carissimi in Thuringen Gardens, Grantville August 1633 Very Reverend Father,I am sorry it took so long to write you again, but a journey through Europe in these days is everything but short and comfortable. Only after I reached my final [...]

An Invisible War (Conclusion)
Chapter Five September, 1633 1 Gary Lambert literally tripped over his own feet. The man coming toward him early that morning was Johann Gerhard. Gary had known he would be coming with the Jena delegation, but he hadn't thought to run into him the very first morning. Yet there he was. The peaked eyebrows, the [...]

1632 Non Fiction

  [A Short Treatise of Spagyrical Preparations of Hope performed by way of Distillation, Being taken from a Study of the new American science wedded to the Proven Methods of the Ancient Chemists and in keeping with Christian Learning, Composed by Doctor Erasmus Faustus.] Rejoice as at the break of day after a long and [...]

Flint's Lock
In 1633 Eric Flint and David Weber give us our first glimpse at the type of firearm Grantville introduced to arm its allies. Many fans of the series were surprised that more advanced weaponry was not produced. To better understand why a muzzle loading flintlock rifle was chosen, rather than the pet design of every [...]

The most dangerous mammal in North America kills over one hundred thirty people each year, and seriously injures another twenty nine thousand. The most recycled material in North America was dumped in landfills until the late 1970s, but now, nearly 100 percent of that material contains recycled content. The animal? The white tailed deer. The [...]

Editor's Preface
First, I need to apologize for the long delay between the publication of Volumes 2 and 3 of the magazine. That was due to several factors, only one of which--my own heavy writing schedule this past summer and early fall--was predictable. The others involved illnesses to two key people involved in the work, and the [...]

The Impact Of Mechanization On German Farms
What will happen when Grantville introduces nineteenth century farm equipment to seventeenth-century farmers? Will there be a rapid adaptation of the new machines followed by a similarly rapid increase in productivity? Will this in turn lead to an equally rapid decrease in the numbers of farm laborers? What factors will shape the mechanization of USE [...]


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