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1632 Fiction

The Company Men
1 "I do not like dank dark forests, you arrogant English ass." Liam Donovan cursed as he ducked low on his horse to avoid being hit by a low branch. "I suppose you would be happier strolling down some gentle, sloping, Irish hill, heather in the air and all that?" Thomas North ducked the same [...]

Steps In The Dance
"Stop whining, Harry," said Anne Jefferson. "If I can do it, you can do it." "No way am I posing half-nekkid," growled her male companion. He gripped the rifle with both hands, as if ready to deal with any threatening horde. Any horde. Mongols. Huns. Famous artists. "Ha! The truth about Macho Man, exposed to [...]

Just One Of Those Days
The day had begun badly for Matti. First, as his cavalry troop broke camp, one of the ties that was supposed to hold his bedroll on his saddle broke; and then the spare broke, too! So, by the time he finally got his gear stowed he had to join the rear of the column instead [...]

God's Gifts
In the pages below I will try to relate my slow and torturous route to what I pray is a better understanding of God's will. My name is Steffan Schultheiss. I am not, and never have been, a particularly handsome nor, save from the pulpit, an imposing man. There, God's grace fills me, and all [...]

Collateral Damage
"A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born." —Antoine de Saint Exupery "Just perfect," Jesse muttered in disgust. "What was that, Herr Oberst?" Jesse jammed his hands into the pockets of his flying jacket and looked at his copilot, Lieutenant Emil Castner, who [...]

Freddy Genucci found the body lying on his front lawn. Freddy was a little shaken up. Some people might find that odd, since Freddy was a funeral director and was used to dead bodies. But his normal line of work didn't involve bodies leaking on his front lawn. Besides, no one expects to see a [...]

Continuing Serials

EUTERPE, episode 1
Editor's note: Giacomo Carissimi and Girolamo Zenti are historical characters. They each gave important contributions to classic music. The first is considered the most important composer of the Roman baroque movement, an innovator of the era; the second was a well-traveled harpsichord maker, renowned for the invention of the bentside spinet. Some of his instruments [...]

An Invisible War, Part I
Chapter OneJune, 1633 1 Beulah MacDonald eased her spare frame into the padded leather chair in Dr. James Nichols' crowded office with a carefully hidden sigh of relief. Beulah, old girl, you're not up to those long hospital shifts anymore. A woman your age has no business on her feet twelve hours a day, most [...]

1632 Nonfiction

The Secret Book Of Zink
[We present to you for the first time translated into English, the remarkable and exciting news from Doctor Erasmus Faustus, as originally printed in the Fraenkische Wochenzeitung.] By vows to God and from pious reflection, this humble man offers to mankind the secret story of the princely metal of Zink which can now be told. [...]

So You Want To Do Telecommunications In 1633?
Introduction David Freer's story in the Ring of Fire anthology "Lineman for the Country" described the beginnings of wired telecommunications in the 1632 universe and the founding of AT&L. Like any good story, much of the technology was mentioned, but not described in detail. This article seeks to fill in the gaps in that story, [...]

Mente et Malleo: Practical Mineralogy and Minerals Exploration in 1632
One of the advantages that the people of Grantville have in the novels 1632 and 1633 is their technology. With their tools, the people of Grantville can turn out cannon, rifles, and steam engines. With their chemical knowledge, they can create antibiotics, aspirin, and DDT. With their electronics, they can create diplomatic and broadcast radios. [...]

A Quick and Dirty Treatise on Historical Fencing
"Et l'oggetto di questa scienza altro non è che il riparare et il ferire . . . le quali non potrà alcuno sapere se prima non havrà la cognitione dè tempi e delle misure . . . " [ . . . and the goal of this science is nothing else but to parry and to wound . . . Things nobody can [...]

Afterword, From PB editon
I should take the time here, I think, to explain to interested readers where the Gazette fits into the 1632 series as a whole, and where other projects in the series stand at the moment. First, a number of readers have asked me when 1634: The Baltic War will be coming out. That's the direct [...]


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