Vol. 99, Jan 2022

Read Me First . . .

Welcome to another issue of the Grantville Gazette. This one is Gazette 99. Your humble editors are very proud of themselves because they were able to edit and produce an entire anthology of 1632 Christmas stories while getting this issue of the magazine done and out on time.

1632 Fiction

First Sergeant Robert John Matowski, United States of Europe Air Force, base chief and temporary commander of Wismar Air Force base, mad-stalked into his office, threatening harm to all. On his head, a Fairmont State University baseball cap with its 'Fierce Falcon' logo added severity.

Inez Wiley gave up pretending to clean, walked upstairs, and lay down on the bed. For a while, she watched little dust angels floating in the beams of sunlight coming through the window. She extended her arm across the covers and splayed her fingers over the empty space next to her. Where her Enoch should [...]

Riding a horse, thought Terasaka Haru, had one thing in common with walking the deck of a ship at sea: it took time to get accustomed to the motion, but once you did, you no longer thought about it.

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1632 Nonfiction

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So Fan-Girl
I just canceled out of my second concert of the fall. A favorite artist, a concert I was looking forward to, and I still couldn't pull the trigger. Not because of the artist. Not even because of a lack of Covid protocols. Both concerts required either full vaccination or a negative Covid test 72 hours [...]

Ring of Fire Press has some great new releases including A Grand Imperial War by Ray Tabler, Gourmets of Grantville by Bethanne Kim, No Place to Die by Roger Kelly Smith, and WarSpell: The Orclands by Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett.

This Issue's Cover: Inez and her momma's shotgun. Grantville Gazette Volume 99.

Time Spike

Gonzalo awoke, slowly rising into consciousness from a deep slumber. He had been dreaming, but whatever it was about was now slipping away.

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