Keith Robertsson

A rare bird, I am a native San Franciscan who still lives two BART stops south of The City. My wife Anna Georgievna is a Russian colonial born in Tashkent, UzSSR.

A&E's Hornblower board was my first experience in the on-line world. I later became involved with the Lord Peter Wimsey yahoo group.

Like many Baen Barflies, I have a varied background. After two years at Canada Community College's Restaurant Management Program, I enlisted in the US Coast Guard (Subsistence Specialist 3rd), USNR\MMS3 (nice drill check during college), California Air and Army National Guards.

Along the way, I earned my BA in Bible (Minors Pastoral Studies, German, Applied Science) at a Baptist Bible College in the Midwest. I was ordained by my then local church to the ministry. Currently, my wife and I serve in our church's Russian ministry. We both have day jobs. She is a senior AutoCad operator and I am a site supervisor (I lead myself) for an office services company.

Writing for the Gazette helps me improve my communications skills. "Reading maketh a full man, Writing maketh an exact man, Conversation maketh a ready man." Francis Bacon


A Bell for St. Vasili’s

  November, 1633 “Ux Te!” Kseniya hadn’t at all expected what she was seeing.   When Princess Natalia Petrovna hired Father Gavril to come to Grantville and set up a church for the people who were coming to study, she’d mentioned that...