J. D. McCartney

Born and raised in Idaho. Received far too much education at a fancy eastern college. I spent three years playing rocket scientist after graduation. Then I decided that wasn't challenging enough, and went back to school to get my master's degree in Applied Physics with a graduate minor in History of Science. (I blame the history minor on the interests sparked by the Ring of Fire series.) Sold an article to the Gazette mainly by accident; I was doing a research paper and posting questions to the boards. Some of the other forum members asked me to post sections of my paper as well. I used their feedback to develop it further, and after about the fourth revision, Paula Goodlett asked me if she could publish it. You can find my other academic papers, on completely unrelated topics, on my website:

I'm always interested in new opportunities, so if anyone out there needs a highly articulate science-minded person for a temporary position, please let me know!
Currently attending Oregon State University and residing in Corvallis, OR.