Butch Lutz

Butch Lutz was born in New Orleans in 1951.

He has been reading science fiction since he was eleven.

After graduating from high school and attending college for a year, he enlisted in the Regular Army in July 1970.

He served in Germany as a Pershing Missile Crewman until 1972, when he transferred to the Louisiana Army NationalGuard. While in the National Guard, he attended Louisiana
State University and entered Army ROTC. He graduated from LSU with a History Degree and was commissioned in the Field Artillery in May 1975. As a Field Artilleryman he served in Korea, Texas and Germany, working with the Honest John Rocket, M-109 155mm Howitzer, M-110A2 8 inch Howitzer, and the Pershing Missile system. He left active duty in January 1987. Following active duty, he completed an Accounting Degree at Penn State University Capitol College and was licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 1990.

He joined the Defense Contract Audit Agency as a civil service auditor in 1989. In 1990, he was called to active duty for service with US Central Command as a Logistics Operations Officer. He was again called back to active duty in 1991 for service with the 22d Support Command in Saudi Arabia.

Butch went to the Pentagon in May 1993 as a civil servant. He was an Internal Auditor and Chief, Internal Review for Army G-3/5/7. In 1994 he came to The Joint Staff as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee, serving with J-1 as a Joint Manpower Planner. In 1997, he came to J-5 as a Politico-Military Planner in the Middle East Division. He was promoted to Colonel in 1999 and given the additional duty as the Individual Mobilization Augmentee program director for J-5.

On September 11, 2001, Butch was in the Army Operations Center when the Pentagon was attacked. Upon evacuation of the AOC, he reported to his mobilization station and then evacuated the building. Following his mobilization, he was given the mission of organizing the Coalition Coordination Cell, which was given the mission of tracking coalition force offers and coordinating requests for coalition forces through the Washington Interagency.

In July 2004 Butch was selected to become the Director of Management and Military Secretariat for J-5. In July 2006, he began his present duties as a Special Assistant to the Vice Director, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate. He retired on 30 June 2007 completing a military career of nearly 37 years.

He lives in Walkersville, Maryland with his daughter Emily. His eldest daughter, Katherine, is presently living in England. .

Butch Lutz and John Zeek co-authored "Elizabeth," which appears in Grantville Gazette , Volume 4.



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