Kary English

Kary English grew up in the snowy Midwest where she avoided both siblings and frostbite by reading book after book in a warm corner behind a recliner chair. She blames her one and only high school detention on Douglas Adams, whose "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" caused her to laugh out loud while reading it behind her geometry textbook.

Today, Kary still spends most of her time with her head in the clouds and her nose in a book. To the great relief of her parents, she seems to be making a living at it. Her fiction includes several short stories, a planetary fantasy forthcoming in 2014, and an unfinished saga about a little girl and an orange kitten. A student of New York Times bestsellers David Farland and Tracy Hickman, Kary hopes that her own work will someday be detention-worthy.

Visit Kary on the web at www.KaryEnglish.com.


Flight of the Kikayon

Flight of the Kikayon

The alien skies of Jannah IV stretch above me, infinite as time itself. This is day six hundred forty seven since the Kikayon's departure, but no one will come for me because no one knows I am missing. Well, no one but Cara.It is an hour before dawn, and I am...