DJ diCiacca

“Two writers in the house, and one of them a red-head.”

DJ and I live in the middle of the country in the middle of the state in the middle of forty acres, with a herd of miniature horses, a pack of Siberian huskies, and an uncounted number of nervous cats. DJ was born here in the mid-west, and I am from Scotland by way of Canada. DJ used to be an archivist and manuscript specialist. I’ve mostly been an illustrator.

For our story “The Pitch,” the characters and “what if” situation are hers, and I did the final write. You might say she did the play-by-play and I did the color.


The Pitch

The Pitch

Today the road was perfect, dry enough for wagon wheels but not yet dusty. Ian, who had sold a few of the up-time plows that were in the fields, was delighted. He had a new product in the wagon that he said was a surefire-couldn't-miss item, and he and Bert were going...