Iver P. Cooper

Iver P. Cooper, an intellectual property law attorney, is married and lives in Arlington, Virginia . His two children have left the nest, but two cats rule the household with iron paws. Iver has received legal writing awards from the American Patent Law Association, the U.S. Trademark Association, and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, and is the sole author of Biotechnology and the Law, now in its twenty-something edition. He has frequently contributed both fiction and nonfiction to The Grantville Gazette. His braided short story anthology, 1636: Seas of Fortune, was published by Baen in 2014, and he has co-authored 1636: The China Venture with Eric Flint, expected to be published in late 2019. Iver is also an avid photographer, and a teacher of swing and international folk dancing.

Iver's story "The Chase" is in Ring of Fire II


Hunting for Helium in the 1632 Universe

Hunting for Helium in the 1632 Universe

In the 1632 universe, helium is mentioned repeatedly as an alternative to hydrogen as a lift gas for airships. While providing slightly (7%) less lift, it has the advantages of being non-flammable and having about half the permeation rate of hydrogen (so it leaks out...