Aamund Breivik

Grew up in the northern Norwegian countryside, north of the Arctic Circle. Played a lot with stuff that went Boom, somehow kept all fingers and both eyes. Was accepted into a rocket engineering school but joined the army instead as an infantry assault pioneer; the army offered more Boom than rocket engineering seemed likely to do in the short term. Went to Bosnia as a peacekeeper. Left the military in disgust after the great downsizing. Did odd jobs for a while, then got accepted into the Norwegian National Police Academy. Am currently happy as a police officer, despite the lousy hours. Have too many hobbies to really pursue any of them in any meaningful way. Wild imagination bordering on insanity; the fictional people in my head will sometimes force me to write stories to make them shut up.


A Filthy Story

A Filthy Story

Daniel Pedersson cursed, and swung the entrenching tool again. It went splat instead of crack, again, and he cursed some more. Not that swearing helped; he was already covered in filthy sewage slush beyond all imagination. The supply depot's jury-rigged sewer system...