Michael Badillo

I am 39 years old, and the fifth of seven children. I was born 02/04/68, on my parent's anniversary, in California but grew up in Oklahoma. I've had a very weird life and have done many things. I have been a short-order cook, a painter, a construction worker, an electronic technician, a bookbinder, a tutor, and an engineer of sorts. I joined the Air Force on my nineteenth birthday and served on active duty for four years. I am a veteran of the Gulf War, an adventure that took me entirely around the world and to both hemispheres.

I have attended University for many years now, but only have an Associate's Degree. I studied astrophysics and anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, each for about a year. I am currently pursuing an engineering degree at Oklahoma State University.

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I've learned heraldry, calligraphy, fencing, archery, fletching, bone carving, leather working, woodworking, armoring, and minor metal working. I have a particular interest in Japan, and have spent much of the last fifteen years studying Japanese culture, history, calligraphy and language.

I am an avid reader of science fiction, historical fiction, science-fantasy, and fantasy. I love history and have recently begun studying Spanish language, culture, and history.

My big passion is role playing games, my constant hobby for the past twenty-seven years. I run several games of my own making, mostly in the science-fantasy genre.

I love nearly all forms of technology, even guns, though I no longer own any. The history and technology of warfare is really fascinating to me. I've had an interest in the last few years for naval warfare.

I am an artist as well as a writer. I draw, paint, and occasionally even finish something. I have written an up-coming story for the Grantville Gazette and am currently writing a corroborative novel in my own setting. You can see some of my work under the name ~RavenRux on DeviantArt and occasionally on the Bar.

I am divorced and have no children. I currently live in Tulsa with my two girlfriends. They have been together for fifteen years. I joined them seven years ago. One has a bachelor's degree in Spanish with a minor in Medieval Eurpean history, and is an amateur photographer. She edits my work for historical accuracy. The other is an artist and writer, and is writing a novel with me now. She is the one with the blue hair. Her artwork can be seen at ~BlueWingedCoyote on DeviantArt. She is a fabulous artist and colorist. She is also my story line editor.


Too Late for Sunday

Too Late for Sunday

December, 1633, Grantville "Roberta Allene Haggerty! Come here for a minute, please." "What is it, Momma?" Allie answered, entering her parents' room. The "please" didn't fool her a bit. Nobody called you by your full name unless you were in trouble. "We need to talk,...